By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Sep 06, 2012 at 9:05 AM

Milwaukee is a city full of colorful characters. But, there's no shortage of unique individuals on four legs, either. Here are some of our favorite Milwaukee "animals" – some real, some fictional and some which are animals in name only ...

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  1. Bucky Badger
  2. Samson
  3. Gertie the Duck
  4. Spunky the Weather Dog
  5. Bango
  6. Albert the Alleycat
  7. The Sprecher bird
  8. Milwaukee Bears of the Negro League
  9. Former Brewers' leftie Randy Wolf
  10. Public Museum snake
  11. UWM Panther
  12. Smelt
  13. State bird: robin
  14. State insect: mosquito
  15. Whitefish
  16. Dearly departed whale wall whale
  17. The dead Sentinel mascot bulldog Spike
  18. Alewives
  19. Mummified Press Club cat
  20. Peregrine falcons nesting atop US Bank building
  21. Lakefront Brewery's Snake (and its Charmer)
  22. Our Downtown seagull neighbors
  23. County Stadium anti-seagull dog
  24. Buddy Squirrel
  25. Milwaukee Mustangs arena football team
  26. Rhythm Chicken
  27. Rally Rabbit
  28. Milwaukee Does women's basketball squad
  29. Museum T-Rex
  30. Cow with the see-through stomach at the zoo
  31. State Fair racing pigs
  32. Lake Park Lions
  33. Marquette's Golden Eagle
  34. Racine Zoo's smoking monkey
  35. Marina Lee's "snail" sculpture in Snail's Crossing
  36. Robin Yount
  37. Massive lobster atop William Ho's delivery vehicle
  38. Mouse sculptures on chimney visible from Holton Street bridge
  39. Ladybug Club ladybugs
  40. Butterflies at Milwaukee Public Museum
  41. Snake wrapped around freaky woman's neck at Locust Street Festival
  42. Shorewood's Waxwing shop
  43. The crab sculpture in front of Twisted Fisherman
  44. The live lobsters at St. Paul Fish Company inside Milwaukee Public Market
  45. The dogs of Riverwest residents on the Westbank trails next to the Milwaukee River
  46. The fish in the tank at Bryant's
  47. The Octopus Car Wash sign
  48. Lions at The Oriental
  49. The Monkey Bar mural / painting of a monkey face inside the bar
  50. The Dogg Haus
  51. Former Bucks player Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson
  52. Palomino
  53. Blackbird bar
  54. Polar bear plunge
  55. Black Bear soda
  56. Neon fish on building next to the river
  57. Horny Goat Hideaway
  58. Dragonfly shop
  59. Lakefront Brewery's wheat monkey
  60. Kallas honey bee
  61. That yellow metal giraffe in the Lincoln Memorial Drive backyard next to Villa Terrace
  62. Conejito's bunnies
  63. The Summerfest fox
  64. Braves' George "Catfish" Metkovich
  65. "Rat tail" hairstyles at The Fair
  66. The Comet's bunny logo
  67. The Odd Duck
  68. Mahal the orangutan at Milwaukee County Zoo
  69. Blacksheep Photography
  70. Lakeshore Chinooks
  71. Milwaukee Bucks
  72. TigerBite food truck
  73. Those poor South Side natatorium dolphins
  74. Screaming Tuna
  75. The Salty Dog in Cudahy
  76. Former Brewers player Frank "Little Cat" Catalanotto
  77. Barnacle Bud's
  78. Birds in the Arid Dome
  79. Three Lions Pub
  80. Miller Park hawk
  81. 102.9 The Hog
  82. Grand Avenue Mall holiday bear orchestra
  83. Painted Parrot
  84. Polish Fest Dogs
  85. Racing Sausages in a previous life
  86. Beasties
  87. The Wildbirds
  88. Harley eagle
  89. B93 The Bee
  90. Collections of Colonies of Bees
  91. Monkey Island
  92. Squirrel's Cage
  93. Famous Dave's pig
  94. Bay View foxes
  95. Milwaukee Chicks
  96. Hogs
  97. Lagoon ducks and geese
  98. Cows on Parade
  99. Coyote Ugly
  100. Cryptosporidium