By Press Release Submitted to Published Apr 10, 2020 at 1:30 PM

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved Wisconsin Emergency SNAP benefits for the months of March and April in an effort to provide relief for families suffering financially from the coronavirus pandemic.

The Supplemental Nutrition Program (SNAP)—called FoodShare in Wisconsin—is the most important federal nutrition program nationwide and is the first line of defense against hunger. FoodShare benefits provide food-buying power at the grocery store for items like breads, cereals, fresh produce, meats, dairy products and more.

The Emergency FoodShare allotment will give the maximum monthly amount of benefits to all FoodShare recipients and will be distributed twice. March’s Emergency FoodShare will be issued on Saturday, April 11 and available on EBT cards April 12, and April’s Emergency FoodShare will be issued on Saturday, April 25 and available on EBT cards April 26.

Existing FoodShare recipients do not need to do anything to enable the funds on their EBT cards. Those individuals who already receive the maximum benefit will not see an increase.

Hunger Task Force has created an online resource to help walk new enrollees through the application and interview process. Those who have lost their jobs, had their wages cut or have applied for unemployment insurance should check whether they are eligible and apply for FoodShare right away. The process can be done entirely online to follow the Safer at Home order.

"Uncertainty and fear have driven people to food pantries and in search of food—and has increased hoarding behaviors—which is putting undo stress on the emergency food network," said Sherrie Tussler, executive director of Hunger Task Force. "The best way to help people get out of the food pantry and into the grocery store is to apply for FoodShare, to shop for you and your family at the grocery store."

As the supply chain continues to struggle and the emergency food network strains, FoodShare remains a stable benefit to help the public get back on their feet during this difficult time. Hunger Task Force’s Emergency FoodShare resource page includes FAQs, how-to resources and videos to help those new to the process find their way. Visitors can learn more at

If you are not in need of emergency food but would like to help Hunger Task Force during this time, the safest and healthiest way to provide support is by making a gift online at