By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Nov 26, 2018 at 2:16 PM

WISN 12 spent much of the past month giving longtime anchor Kathy Mykleby a fond farewell, but it's now time to say hello to its new 6 p.m. broadcast team. Well, not all that new. 

Familiar faces Patrick Paolantonio and Joyce Garbaciak were announced today as the new co-anchor team for the WISN 12 news at 6 p.m., effective Nov. 26. Both are beloved broadcasters in the city, winning multiple awards, covering massive events and interviewing several influential figures over their careers in Milwaukee. 

"Patrick’s been an integral part of our station and anchor teams for more than 15 years, and Joyce has been a respected mainstay across southeastern Wisconsin for more than 25 years," says Jan Wade, president and general manager of WISN 12, in a press release.

"While no one will ever replace Kathy, Patrick and Joyce are the perfect combination to carry on Kathy’s passion and commitment to important local coverage."

Mykleby originally announced her retirement in early October, officially signing off for the final time on Wednesday, Nov. 21.

"We celebrated and said goodbye to our very own Milwaukee television icon, Kathy Mykleby, a true one-of-a-kind talent." says Ben Hart, news director of WISN 12, in a release.

"I am thrilled to have our leading 10 p.m. news team of Patrick and Joyce, also team up for WISN 12 News at 6 p.m. It’s a testament to the culture of great journalism here at WISN 12 News that we are able to pull from our own ranks. Viewers know and trust Patrick Paolantonio. His experience, credibility, and journalistic excellence are the perfect fit for the spot just vacated by Kathy."

Things will remain the same for the rest of WISN 12's weekday news broadcasts, with Paolantonio and Toya Washington co-anchoring the news at 5 p.m. as well as Garbaciak and Paolantonio still co-anchoring the news at 10 p.m.

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