By Steve Kabelowsky Contributing Columnist Published Jul 20, 2012 at 9:26 AM

After almost a full week of being off Time Warner's cable feed, Hearst, the parent company of WISN-TV Ch. 12, and the cable provider have made a retransmission agreement.

My guess is they wanted to make sure a deal was in place before the opening of the Olympics next week. Hearst owns a number of NBC affiliates in other TV markets across the U.S.

"Hearst Television has reached an agreement with Time Warner Cable," Ch. 12 released in a statement late Thursday night. "WISN 12 returned to the TWC lineup Thursday evening. We thank you for your patience during this inconvenience. We are glad to be back."

Time Warner also released a statement, as well:

"We have reached a long-term agreement with Hearst Television and our customers can expect their signals to be restored to our cable systems shortly. We thank our customers for their patience and their willingness to stick with us through another unnecessary broadcaster blackout."

As I reported before, I hate it when viewers are caught in the middle of a debate between corporations. As a business executive, I do understand, but on a personal level, I hate it. And I know there are people working in the broadcast world – both networks and carriers – that feel the same way.

Steve Kabelowsky Contributing Columnist

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