By Molly Snyder Senior Writer Published Dec 22, 2010 at 12:00 PM

In case you haven’t received enough "last-minute great gift" ideas, here’s one more. The beautiful thing about this one is you get to buy it at a bar so you can drink beer and shop at the same time.

Local accordion band The Squeezettes recorded a polka called "Did I Close Wolski’s?" and it’s available on its 12-song CD that’s -- not surprisingly -- for sale at Wolski’s, 1836 N. Pulaski St.

"We have fun, we like to drink good beer and we want to get people smiling, so that's why we did this," says Sarah Kozar, one of the five members of The Squeezettes.

Kozar says she and the band plan to write more polkas for other local bars.

"There are many options available: Linneman's, The Uptowner, Circa, Squirrel Cage. I was gonna write one for the Swingin' Door before Mike sold the place," says Kozar.

Here are the lyrics to the "I Closed Wolski’s" polka, written by Kozar and Jeff Buettner.

"I Closed Wolski’s Polka!"

Did I close Wolski’s?

I didn’t know Pulaski Street.
Now it is my new retreat!
Would you serve me two more beers?
Not for another hundred years.

I might have closed Wolski’s.

How about a round of dice?
Don’t look at me I shook ‘em twice!
Dennis said "This shot’s on us!"
I had to go home on the bus.

I think I closed Wolski’s.

Adventure, Danger and Romance!
Polka is my kind of dance!
100 years behind the bars.
100 more it’s written in the stars!

Please do not make PJ yell.
Make him want to ring that bell!
Why won’t you fill up my beer.
I have been for hours here!

Did you say I closed Wolski’s?

Your Lakefront beer is mighty fine.
I would like another Stein.
You can earn a bumper sticker.
If you drink a lot more liquor!

I shouldn’t have closed Wolski’s.

I can see you’re tipsy dear.
I’ll take you home that 100th year!
Have you seen Denis, Mike or Bernie?
I could use a good attorney!

Why did I close Wolski’s?

Oh would you please call me a cab …you’re a cab, you’re a cab!
Would you like a pickled egg?
Oh I’d rather break my leg!

100 years is then and gone.
But this is not our final song.
100 years and still.
Some more it’s closing time you’re out the door!

How could I close?
I might have closed.
I think I closed?
I shouldn’t have closed.
Why did I close?

Yes …

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