By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Feb 18, 2021 at 6:26 PM

Hopefully, you've been enjoying Milwaukee Film's Black History Month selections, wrapping up at the end of February. But, to paraphrase a famous quote, as one mini film festival closes, another opens as Milwaukee Film will feature another themed takeover on its virtual streaming plattform – this time, in honor of Women's History Month in March. 

All of the organization's selections throughout the upcoming month (32 films – some feature length, some short, all worth your time – and eight conversation events in total) will be dedicated to women filmakers and women-led stories.

Some notable movies on tap include several recent 2020 Milwaukee Film Festival favorites ("Ahead of the Curve,'' Coded Bias," "The Dilemma of Desire," "Personhood" and "Unapologetic"); "Women in Blue," a documentary about women police officers in Minneapolis attempting to reform the system from the inside; "She Did That," the documentary adaptation of Renae Bluitt's popular Black women's entrepreneurship blog; a doc about groundbreaking Egyptian female weightlifters; "End of the Line," a doc about the women who put themselves at risk protesting against the Dakota Access pipeline; and much more. All films will be available throughout the entire month of March – with "Coded Bias," a documentary about the treacherous future of facial-identication tech, available for free to high schools and colleges around the area. 

“In the world of film and the world at large, women still face incredible barriers when they try to raise their voices and live as their authentic selves,” said Geraud Blanks, Cultures and Communities director for Milwaukee Film, in a release. "Our Women’s History Month program gives space for women to amplify their own stories and for the community to engage around important issues."

Here's the full list of Women's History Month selections. (More details can be found at Milwaukee Film's website.)

  • "93Queen"
  • "Ahead of the Curve"
  • "Coded Bias"
  • "The Dilemma of Desire"
  • "End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock"
  • "Lift Like a Girl"
  • "Once Upon a River"
  • "Personhood"
  • "Represent"
  • "Resisterhood"
  • "She Did That"
  • "Some Girls"
  • "Strive"
  • "Through the Night"
  • "Unapologetic"
  • "The View from Tall"
  • "Women in Blue"
  • "Wrestling Ghosts"
  • Shorts Program #1: Motherhood
    • "Dulce"
    • "Hello From Taiwan"
    • "Steps of Valor"
    • "Single Mother Only Daughter"
    • "Still Wylde"
    • "25 Hours"
    • "On Mother's Day"
  • Shorts Program #2: Body/Identity
    • "Blue Magic"
    • "Bye Bye Body"
    • "Ebulicao"
    • "Future First"
    • "She Paradise"
    • "Tangled Roots"
    • "Veterane"

As for the events portion of the Women's History Month celebration, conversations, dialogues, panels and more will take place centered on four weekly themes: The Body Politic: Rights, Regulations, and Beauty on March 1-7; Workplace and Motherhood: A Struggle of Balance and Identity on March 8-14; Shifting the Gender Balance in STEM on March 15-21; and When Women Lead: Insights and Experiences of Empowered Women on March 22-28. Discussions will include a chat with Sophia Chang, considered the first Asian woman in hip-hop; a panel on work-life balance for mothers, and how the pandemic has both exasperated but also put a new focus on that; and more. For a full list of events surrounding the program, click here

As with Milwaukee Film's Black History Month celebration, access to individual movies and events costs $3.99 to the general public and $1.99 for Milwaukee Film members, while passes to the entire programming block cost $24.99 for the general public and $19.99 for members. To purchase your pass, visit Milwaukee Film's website – and while you're there, be sure to check out their ongoing Black History Month film collection as well as their Sofa Cinema programming

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