By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jul 19, 2017 at 12:06 PM

Rejoice children and adults who merely still act like children (guilty as charged)! Because there is still joy in this world, the world's biggest bounce house – or bouncy castle, or boingalow, or whatever term you prefer – is bounding its way over to Milwaukee this summer.

The Big Bounce America will bring the self-proclaimed biggest inflatable bounce house on the planet – coming in at 10,000 square feet – to Lake Park the weekend of Aug. 4-6 for kids of all ages to bound, boing and bounce around in. Coming along with the giant jump pad are giant inflatable creations – including a giant eight-foot-tall pink gorilla – slides, ball pits, basketball hoops and more. 

And when you're breathlessly exhausted after about ten minutes because all that bouncy castle-ing around is quite the workout – especially if you're an adult and no longer fueled by Gushers, Capri Sun and the occasional Chewy bar for a healthy change of pace – The Big Bounce will also bring oversized palm trees, beds, boats, sofas and a whole domed "chill out zone" for when everyone's feeling a little bounced out and needs to recover ... so they can go back to bouncing more later. 

There are plenty of other activities as well for those who want to put their feet back on solid ground for a bit, as The Big Bounce will also host several old school "Field Day Games" and activities, including sack races, wheelbarrow races, ping pong and corn hole, along with face-painters, live musical performances, a DJ offering extra games and tunes, and a silent disco.

Each day of the inflated festival is split into three types of hour-long sessions: kids, family and adult periods. Kids and family sessions – with no adults admitted without accompanying children – will take up all of Friday and most of Saturday and Sunday, while adults will get their turn the final two nights from 5 to 6 p.m., as well as from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

A limited number of tickets – ranging from $12 to $25, or $39 if you want to be a VIP king of the bouncy castle – are available for hour-long sessions on The Big Bounce America's website, as well as more information about the event. 

Meanwhile, say a prayer for the guy whose job it is to inflate this whole thing with just his two lungs.  

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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