By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Apr 15, 2011 at 1:12 PM

Traveling in Arizona with her children and husband last year gave Becky Berger an idea: a frozen yogurt shop here in Milwaukee.

"They have frozen yogurt places on just about every corner," Becky Berger says. "The kids loved it."

This, though, wouldn't be a reincarnation of the type frozen yogurt joints that popped onto the scene in the '80s and early '90s. This would be much, much better.

Becky and Scott Berger plan to open their own shop, Yo Mama Frozen Yogurt, later this year. Yo Mama will feature a self-serve concept, with customers using one of five soft-serve stations featuring 10 different flavors, then selecting from around 30 different toppings (fruit, nuts, candies and syrups).

"It's kind of the new wave for frozen yogurt shops," Berger says. "People will be able to serve themselves and we'll charge them by weight."

A sorbet and sugar-free option will be on the menu. An awful lot of chocolate, too, will be featured on the menu. Berger says the shop will offer different kinds of treats made from real chocolate along with a variety of Italian pizzelle cookies.

The Bergers searched for the right location and considered spots in Brookfield, where they currently reside. But when they came across the former Drew's Variety Store space in the heart of Tosa Village, they knew the found their spot.

"We liked it because it is such a walkable neighborhood," Berger says. "We want to be able to attract a lot of foot traffic."

Yo Mama will fill a portion of the space at 7503 Harwood Ave., while a boutique used furniture store will operate in the remaining space.

In addition to indoor seating for about 30 people, the Bergers are adding outdoor seating along the restaurant's east side.

"It's going to be a great place to spend a summer evening," Berger says.

To attract business during the winter months, Yo Mama will feature hot chocolate and Alterra coffee along with other seasonal treats. The interior will also have a fireplace with what Berger calls "cozy seating."

Berger is also considering working fondue onto the menu once the temperatures drop.

"Hopefully, we'll have plenty of things to keep people coming in during the winter," she says.

Getting into the restaurant business is a change of pace for Berger, who has been a stay-at-home mom for her four daughters. Neither she nor her husband have a restaurant background but she says they've assembled a top-notch team of hard working people who have plenty of experience.

"We've hired a lot of good folks that are willing to help us out quite a bit," Berger says. "We're learning a lot as we go."