By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Dec 06, 2019 at 5:01 PM

What better way to ring in the weekend than with good chats over beer? But not just any beer – butterbeer! And not just any good chats, but chats about a truly magical weekend coming to the Turner Hall Ballroom next year.

On Jan. 17-18, all the enchantment, wonder and community of Hogwarts (with none of the "vengeful snake-faced sorcerer trying to murder a teenager") will apparate into Turner Hall Ballroom for the fourth annual Yule Ball, a celebration for Harry Potter fans no matter what house you belong to. The party will feature festive decorations, live music, tasty libations worthy of The Leaky Cauldron, a grand waltz, a vendor alley and several new inclusions – including readings from Professor Trelawney, a scavenger hunt and a "Dark Wizard Night." Plus you can do good while having a good time by donating socks to Dobby's sock drive. 

To learn more about this magical pair of evenings, I met up with Lynn Richter and Lisa Romella – co-owners of AwkwardNerd Events – to chat about Yule Ball, discuss why Harry Potter still inspires such fandom years after the original books and movies, and also accidentally smear some butterbeer cream all over my face. (Man, where's a Scourgify charm when you need it?)

So bust out finest formal attire (or at least finest cosplay) for the Yule Ball. For tickets, visit Turner Hall Ballroom's website – and for more info, check out AwkwardNerd Events' Facebook page

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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