By Lori Fredrich Senior Writer Published Jul 24, 2020 at 2:30 PM

Four new zero-proof cocktail kits are now available for online ordering thanks to a collaboration between three Wisconsin-based start-ups.

Milwaukee’s own Top Note Tonic has joined forces with two Steven’s Point brands, Siren Shrubs and Tapped Maple Syrup to create the new beverage options expressly for consumers who are foregoing alcohol consumption, but who would still like to enjoy the creative flavor profiles offered by craft cocktails.

The zero-proof cocktail movement has gained momentum across the U.S. as bars and restaurants find new ways to serve the needs of their customers. And the market for non-alcoholic cocktails continues to grow as the sober community continues to promote inclusive, non-judgmental drinking culture.

"The non-alcoholic or sober curious movement continues to gain ground through influencers on social media, podcasts, and print media who are building community around – and normalizing – alcohol-free lifestyles," notes Layne Cozzolino, co-founder of Siren Shrub.

Of course, as COVID-19 has temporarily shuttered bars across the nation, a simultaneous need for easy-to-make zero-proof cocktails for home consumption has also developed. 

As Cozzolino and her business partner Mindy McCord looked for ways to expand their online Siren Shrub beverage offerings to meet this growing demand, they approached Jeremy Solin of Tapped Maple Syrup, who already provided syrup for their Maple Ginger shrub and made an online connection with Mary Pelletierri of Top Note Tonic, who had taken an interest in their product after encountering it at an Outpost Natural Foods Cooperative store.

Bound by a common interest to serve customers looking for non-alcoholic options, they worked together to create four cocktail kits. Each kit contains one 16-ounce bottle of Siren Shrub, two 8-ounce bottles of Tapped Maple Syrup (one infused and one plain), two four-packs of Top Note Tonics (one flavored, one club soda) and a recipe card for $64. Each kit makes 16 drinks.

Flavor profiles for the four inaugural kits include basil, hops and tonic; maple ginger, cardamom and grapefruit; rhubarb,  espresso and ginger beer; and tart cherry, hibiscus and bitter lemon.

The kits are available  for purchase online and can be shipped throughout the continental U.S. All four kits are available at and the basil, hops and tonic kit is available at both and, with plans to rotate in a new kit offering each season moving forward.

The companies also hope to pitch the beverage concepts to restaurants and retailers with the goal of making the products more accessible to the sober community.

Lori Fredrich Senior Writer

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