By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jun 13, 2017 at 5:56 PM

In case you haven't heard, Zima – the half-beloved, half-mocked malt beverage discontinued back in 2008 – is back. But is it good? Or at least taste like it used too? In the name of journalism – we expect your letter in the mail, Pulitzer committee – we bought a six-pack, gathered on a couch and knocked back a couple of Zimas (and a bag of Skittles, natch) to find out if the clear beverage's comeback was worth it. 

Did this new Zima bring back fond '90s memories, like rocking out to the Spice Girls and crushing on JTT? Or did it just awaken once-suppressed memories, like Aqua's "Barbie Girl" and Pauly Shore? Take a look for yourself!

If you're looking for a six-pack of your own – either to drink or to pour Skittles into and then spill all over your pants – Zima is currently in stores for a limited time. 

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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