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Drinking alone: depressing or divine?

Social Circle: Do you drink alone?

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Although drinking alone might sound depressing or problematic to some, many members of the Social Circle seem to enjoy a beverage or two in the company of no one.

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Dan Albers: "Drinking alone is like drinking with your best friend if your best friend is liquor or beer!"

Karen Block: "No."

Jennie Brand: "Yes, but infrequently. Usually when I'm preparing dinner or a glass of wine. There are, however, those toughest of days where I catch myself grabbing a beer from the fridge."

Jason Cleereman: "On a wonderful sunny day, on my front porch or back deck when things slow down. Or on a rainy day if I can stay dry. Sometimes in the basement, alone, regardless of the weather."

Derek Collins: "An ice cold Tecate with a lime next to the pool on a hot summer day is a great way to spend a day off from work."

Jeanne DeMint: "Yes, every friggin' day after work."

Skip Forrest: "Absolutely. That's like asking if I ever eat alone. Who says we must hold back from life's pleasures until someone else is around? As for when, whenever the spirit moves me."

Patrick Fox: "Just when I'm catching up on texts and Facebook while driving, but that's where I draw the line."

Neal Frickson: "Early, early Sunday morning."

Dede Gales: "Right now! Salud."

Alissa R. Gonyea: "I take myself out on payday Fridays. Dinner, cocktails and me. Never disappointed."

Clai Green: "In my sleep I sleep walk to the bar!"

Angela Scarpaci Guizar: "After a rough day at work if no one's home, which is rare."

Tina Hulen: "At home after a tough day and a headache that won't go away. Very rarely I'll go to a bar alone, mostly when traveling."

Dano Kilimann: "Yes and every day."

Kyle J. Kopenski: "I like to sit on my porch with a bourbon when the weather is good."

Carrie Kosmalski: "Sometimes a nice glass of wine at the end of the night."

Emily Krenzke: "After the kids are in bed."

Charlie Leisenring: "Only when I'm awake."

Tom Loblaw: "For about 45 minutes on Sunday mornings in the church parking lot. I try to keep it once a week."

Sally Nordstrom: "Sure! A cold beer on a hot simmer night, a warm toddy on a cold night snuggled in my jammies ..."

Melissa Novak: "Yup. When it's just me and I don't feel like going out."

Joseph Padron: "Rarely. Maybe one or two beers, but that's it."

Aaron Perry: "Yes. Not a lot but whenever I choose to. It is actually more relaxing."

Ted Perry: "I'm never alone. Thanks to the voices in my head."

Susie Rush: "I have dogs therefore I'm never alone."

Jen Skladanek: "Not usually. I'm more of a social drinker: with friends, in bars or at festivals. Once in a while I'll crack a beer in summertime or have one glass of wine if I made myself an awesome Italian meal. Other thank that? I rarely even have booze in my house. Unless its left over from a party I had or pick up a six pack to keep in the fridge for company."

Aaron Skufca: "That's personal."

Bret Spangenberg: "I like to try different vintage cocktails during the week."

Mary Thompson: "During the Academy Awards. I don't answer the phone either."

Doug Vance: "As George Thorogood put it so well: 'When I drink alone I prefer to be by myself ...'"

Paul W. Roberts: "Only when I'm by myself."

Amanda Rose: "Nope, never. Seriously! I don't!"

Jason Starck: "Whenever I have good beer in the fridge or on a Sunday afternoon with loud music trying to get in a cleaning groove."

Deanne Wecker: "Heck, yes! Mostly on Friday nights when I'm home alone watching 'Parks and Recreation' on Netflix. I drink, I laugh – good times had by me."

Jeremy Wielgosh: "When don't I would be a better question!"

Patty Zatty Zastrow-Jankowski: "Sure, if everyone falls asleep after I get home and start drinking. I work second shift."

Caitlín Zhenotdel: "Often. Especially when facing inclement weather, such as tornadoes or hurricanes (though these are good excuses for get-togethers as well). But I enjoy making an old fashioned or sazerac and just sitting on the deck, too."


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