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Twitter pic of TNT reporter Craig Sager dozing in Milwaukee

Reese has arrested development, teen has risky business,TV star caught dozing

"Legally Blonde" star Reese Witherspoon pulled the old "Do you know who I am?" routine on a local cop and got busted along with her DWI husband for obstructing justice.

The video ended up going viral, which is never a good thing for famous people.

Maybe the officer was more of a Jennifer Aniston fan?

Speaking of getting arrested, some beautiful women who get busted for various offenses seem to realize a good mug shot is a great way maximize the experience. I mean, do any of these ladies seem guilty to you?

Did you hear about the Illinois teenager who arranged a date with a prostitute that seemed eerily similar to that Tom Cruise movie on the same subject?

It was "Risky Business" for sure but we're not sure if the guy's going to Princeton or if he drove his dad's Porsche into a lake or cracked his mother's expensive egg but otherwise it sounds pretty much like the same movie.
Only this one was real.

It's the old journalism equation: if dog bites man is news what about if man bites dog to save his wife?

Actually, this one sounded kind of scary.

A Milwaukee hotel was the scene of some photo-bombing of a national NBA reporter recently. It seems someone took Twitter pictures of TNT's Craig Sager while he was dozing between covering the Milwaukee Bucks in the playoffs.

It seems if you have a famous face you need to watch where you catch some Zs, even in a friendly city like Milwaukee. Shame on those folks who decided to clown him, even though it was kind of funny.

You might have money problems with some people in your family but at least it doesn't go national.

That's what happened to Kobe Bryant last week when it was revealed that the Lakers star was battling his mother over the sale of some of his athletic awards from his school days. It seems there are lingering bad feelings between mother and son. Our advice: For PR sake, Kobe better clean this up before Mother's Day.


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