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The Pedal Tavern will roll with beer on board in 2014.

Social Circle: Thoughts about alcohol on the Pedal Tavern?

The "Social Circle" is a group effort between readers, social networkers and the editors. Every Monday, we ask a question via Facebook and Twitter and then post the responses from our Facebook "likers" and Twitter followers in this column. Well-known Milwaukee movers and shakers will contribute, too.

A new law took effect on Jan. 1 making it legal for alcohol to be consumed on quadricycles such as the Pedal Tavern. (Riders are allowed to consume three drinks on board.)

Prior to the new law, the Pedal Tavern was already a controversial and heated local topic. Some find it dangerous and obnoxious, whereas others think it's harmless, fun and a thriving local business worth celebrating.

Hence, this week asked the Social Circle their thoughts on the new law.

The conversation got pretty heated. To read the full thread, go to the Facebook page.

And what are your thoughts on this? Feel free to weigh in via the Talkback feature.

Derek Collins: "As the owner of the Pedal Tavern, we are very excited for this. We have worked with local businesses, residents, the Tavern League of Wisconsin, state and local officials to get the law right. Riders are allowed to have three beers each while on board. Riders are allowed to purchase and consume alcohol at the various stops that we have, but are not allowed to bring hard alcohol on board while riding. This will increase tourism revenue to local businesses in the Third Ward and Walker's Point."

Kat Froelich: "I'm a huge fan of the Pedal Tavern. I just get very worried when it'll get hit by one of Milwaukee's drunk drivers. They should make it a mandatory rule that all the Pedal Taverns have to be home by a curfew of 9 p.m., no excuses. Another rule: only crossing streets at stop-lights. When the day arrived when one gets hit, at least they'll have shown valiant efforts to avoid disaster. I plan on going on several Pedal Taverns this year, so if it's my time to die, at least I'll go with a good news story."

Lisa Frymark: "I think the Pedal Tavern in general is silly."

Jasen Groves: "Looks like I'll be getting a ton of exercise this summer."

Lisa Holmes: "The Pedal Tavern is a great local business. I had a great experience when I rode it and I love that it brought me to other local businesses I didn't know existed. It is a fun alternative to walking around or cabbing it from bar to bar. The drivers are responsible and courteous. Beer on board is a win-win for Milwaukee small business and tourism."

Tom Julio: "Water Street on Wheels."

Matt Kiefer: "Makes sense, and I know they've helped my grandfather's bar quite a bit, but they are really, really annoying."

Richard Kerhin: "An embarrassment to the city? C'mon, let the kids enjoy their rock and roll, grandma. Segregation and poverty are Milwaukee's great embarrassments."

Jeff Krawczyk: "The people on those things were bad enough before. I'm all for small businesses, but I've seen, heard and personally had bad experiences with the Pedal Tavern holding up traffic, patrons causing disturbances and walking around in the middle of the street rather than on it. To me, the Pedal Tavern is one of things that's almost a good idea."

Julie Krawczyk: "Everyone is so concerned about this thing getting hit, impeding traffic, etc. But do we have the same concerns about the horse carriages trotting slowly down the street? Similar speed, similar open vehicle, being powered by a living being that will die if its leg is hit and snapped. I'm not lobbying against the carriages or anything, I just think we forget there are other vehicles much like this that have been on our Downtown roads for years with little incident."

Stacy LaPoint: "I hate the horse carriages, too. What a horrible life for them. Clomping around on the streets with blinders on and breathing exhaust fumes. Tragic. I am all for the mobile tavern, however."

Jessica McBride: "Why not? Go for it."

Mike Marantis: "Having done the Pedal Tavern before, I don't really think it makes much of a difference. The whole point of the thing is to bar hop between bars in the area. Drinking was already occurring. Because you couldn't drink on the bike, people would just have an extra shot or beer at the bar before you left. It's a non issue. Also, drinking and pedaling would be hard for the majority of the people on the bike. For the people in the non pedaling seats, they just have more time to finish their beer."

Kathy Nichols: "Disaster waiting to happen."

John Revord: "For all of you against drinking on the Pedal Tavern. Are you against drinking in limos? Or on a party bus? Because – unless you have a gross misunderstanding on how the Pedal Tavern works – it's the same exact thing."

Sara Santiago: "Opinions are awesome because everybody gets to have them. Don't like it? Don't ride it. EVERYBODY WINS."

Annie Weidert: "This thing should stick to quieter streets. Going down 1st Street is a hazard. Especially if they're operating while intoxicated / imbibing."

Patti Zastrow-Jankowski: "I totally want to ride the Pedal Taven now. While taking selfies."


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