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TVs before zzzzzzs? (PHOTO:

TV in the bedroom: yay or nay?

People seem to have extremely strong opinions as to whether or not tube time belongs in the sleep space. In fact, whether or not to have a television in the bedroom is almost as polarizing as topics such as religion and politics.

Sheila Semrou is a local professional interior designer and she never recommends that clients put a TV in their bedroom – especially couples.

"TVs can be a source of tension for couples in the bedroom – one may wish to relax and chat quietly, while the other feels compelled to view programs which include violence," says Semrou. "I personally feel the bedroom should be a sanctuary for health without electronics. It should be absent of light and noise."

Research has shown that watching screens before bed can affect sleep patterns and prevent some from clearing their minds to get into the right mode for slumber; however, other Milwaukee residents find television to offer the opposite effect.

"I love the TV in my bedroom. I go to bed a bit early and unwind watching the news. I love my weekend mornings sleeping in, watching a movie or an old TV series from the comfort of my bed," says Noel Tylla. "It's a treat."

Katie Maedke-Hall and her fiancee, Amber VanGalder, also see having television in their bedroom as a treat – but not one in which they regularly indulge.

"We prefer not to have the TV be a focus. However, when the kids are gone with their dad for long holidays, we put it on a coffee table at the end of the bed and watch as much as possible while they're gone," says Maedke-Hall. "It's so big it feels like we're in the show or movie. It's so fun. Then it goes back to the family room when the kids get back."

Some people feel television in the bedroom can prevent intimacy. John Jacobs and his wife never had a television in their bedroom until recently.

"My wife and I have always agreed 'no.' It takes away from the intimacy of conversations and other things," says Jacobs. "Then we put a TV in our room and I've noticed a drop-off of intimacy, conversation and other things."

Mazen Muna rarely watches television – in his bedroom, or anywhere else.

"To me, TV is great for education for kids. The Food Network and news is good, too, along with some travel and car shows," says Muna. "But overall? Garbage, in my opinion."

Muna does understand, however, that television can provide warmth and comfort for some.

"Those who live alone may find nice company with the same familiar voices and faces on the TV. I remember those days in my life: when seeing the same newscaster at 6 a.m. was a sense of familiar routine," he says.


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