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Jaill is swimming with the big fish now that the Milwaukee band has issued its Sub Pop Records label debut. (PHOTO: Michael Goelzer)

Hometown gig sends buzzing Jaill off on tour

Even by the time Milwaukee's Jaill signed with Sub Pop Records last year, the band was no secret here at home.

But when the guitar pop quartet takes the stage at Turner Hall later this week to celebrate the release of its third full-length CD and first for the legendary Seattle label, expect a more rabid turnout than the band got even as recently as at Summerfest last month.

That's because the record -- "That's How We Burn" -- is now out and the buzz is building, not only here at home, but across the States.

"That's How We Burn" is 32 minutes of lean, riff-laden pop songs that oughta be the soundtrack to your Milwaukee summer.

This week's hometown show is the band's last before heading out on a West Coast tour with The Hold Steady. We caught up with frontman Vinnie Kircher (second from right in the photo above) to talk about Jaill, the new record and the upcoming tour. Did you guys feel the pressure of making your Sub Pop debut amazing, or did you try to turn all that off and just make the best record you could?

Vinnie Kircher: I think we were excited, but we had recorded enough times to not really have there be pressure. We knew what we wanted to make and how we were gonna go about it. It was a different method than the past and the next one will be done differently, as well.

OMC: What were some of the differences?

VK: Differences in how much is recorded live, where you record, types of microphones you use. (You) start to get ideas and it shapes what your vision for the record will be.

OMC: The disc feels from the outside like a natural progression from "There's No Sky" but even more focused, more concise. Was Justin's input helpful in that regard?

VK: Justin was obviously a big part of the sound of the album. He definitely had opinions and some we went with, some we didn't. He became part of the team for the album ... a big part.

OMC: It's been a long road for Jaill to get to having a record for Sub Pop; are you taking a moment to soak up some satisfaction?

VK: I think we've soaked up a little joy and a big sense of urgency. All of a sudden the mindset feels like everything needs to happen really quick, when the previous eight years were pretty nonchalant.

OMC: Has Sub Pop let you raid the storage closet yet? Are your apartments stuffed with Dwarves records now?

VK: They gave us a ton of promotional CDs and stickers and some shirts, sweatshirts. I really liked the comedy CDs on tour. It was a nice perk. We got comped into the Avi Buffalo show (in Milwaukee in July). That was nice!

OMC: Do you feel like Jaill is part of a good scene here in Milwaukee, with bands that are supportive of one another and supportive fans and that has helped the band move to the next level?

VK: I've always enjoyed the scene in Milwaukee if for no other reason than it is home. I'm familiar with the fun-natured person that goes to shows in Milwaukee. They enjoy dancing and drinking and feeling part of something fun. It's not like that everywhere, don't take it for granted.

OMC: Are you ready for two solid weeks of gigging with The Hold Steady out west? Has Jaill played that many gigs in a row with basically no break before? Is Austin ready for the blisters?

VK: I think we're totally ready. We went on a month-long tour up the West Coast last October and I'm 100 percent sure this tour will be way more successful, enjoyable ... everything better!


littlelamb | Aug. 15, 2010 at 12:48 a.m. (report)

The songs on this album are so catchy! I love it. All the best for these guys-- they are immensity talented. Thanks for making great music.

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