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Bacon and Sugar Ray.
Bacon and Sugar Ray.

Scatterbrains Podcast: Sitcom writer Caleb Bacon

Episode 5 is brought to you by Caleb Bacon, a man that loves talk radio, man stuff, and of course, bacon. Caleb is one of the cooler people I had met when I lived in Los Angeles.

Bacon is currently a writer for comedian Steve Byrne’s hit TV show, "Sullivan and Son," on TBS. He also hosts an iTunes No. 1 podcast called the "Man School Show." I have actually been a guest on one of Caleb’s past shows, "The Gentleman’s Club," twice. We had a battle of interviewers that Caleb let me win. He’s a gentleman like that. It is also my show, so I had that advantage.

We get into how Caleb got into podcasting and why he switched formats. He explains how his love for talk radio got him into podcasting. Caleb tells us about all of his awesome guests as Sugar Ray Leonard and James Ellroy, and having hookups for amazing guests. Caleb and I also dish about how Hollywood really works, how much I hate winter (again), and I get to the bottom of the missing episodes of the "Gentlemen Club" episodes.

Caleb and I also get into some pretty serious stuff about my past nut-job roommate, why my fans are weird and why I love/hate them, porn, and boobs. We ask some pretty serious questions about life, and why people tweet me pictures of me. We talk about some interview flops and gems, too. Caleb also tells us an epic story about Kevin Bacon and himself eating bacon at the same time. It’s a serious mind-blowing interview!


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