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Stardom isn't the reward for Ray Allen.
Stardom isn't the reward for Ray Allen.

Ray Allen: a class act

We are always looking to professional athletes to be role models for our children, and now we have one of the best ever.

Ray Allen might have been the best pure shooter the Milwaukee Bucks ever had, (sorry Jon McGlocklin). But we traded him and he took his fantastic skills to Seattle and then to Boston, where he won a title.

Then he signed as a free agent with the Miami Heat for almost exactly half the money he was offered by the Celtics. Of course when you are talking about the difference between $6 million and $3 million the comparison loses some of its drama.

But it's clear that Allen isn't playing for the money. He wants to win a title and has decided he has a better chance of that with the Heat, who won the title this year, than with the Celtics, who are aging a bit and probably out of the title conservation.

We should all tell our children about an athlete to whom it's more important to win than it is to be a star, and then we can sleep knowing we have helped teach them a valuable lesson.


sandstorm | Aug. 13, 2012 at 11:28 a.m. (report)

Yes, we should all tell our children to hitch their car to another winner's train instead of winning on own's terms.
Of course i know Ray Allen has already won one championship, but this move was simply to coattail ride to another champiosnhip, not to actually earn one.

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