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The Downtown location at Grand Avenue.
The Downtown location at Grand Avenue.
Nine full circuits, one big workout.
Nine full circuits, one big workout.

9Rounds is kicking my butt

I can't tell you the last boxing match I watched was.  The sport's just not on my radar.  But, the exercise value associated with the sport?  Sign me up.  

But don't call it kickboxing.  It's not even really boxing.  Just call it 9Rounds Fitness.

A new franchised location of 9Rounds Fitness opened recently in Downtown Milwaukee at 161 W. Wisconsin Ave.  So when one of the area managers at 9Rounds and a former personal trainer of mine kindly invited me to try it out, I did.

Here's the deal.  9Rounds offers ongoing 30-minute circuit workouts through out the day.  Just join (rates are comparable with monthly gym memberships throughout the area and I eventually bought a 8 week trial package), walk in whenever and get to work.  

Each station (yes, there are nine of them) has a hand written instruction that helps guide you through the 3-minute circuit.  There's also a centrally located device with lights and buzzers that continually counts down the 3-minute segments.  At this and most 9Round locations, two instructors provide as close to one-on-one motivation and training as they can during your workout.  At this location, both Bryant and Delia are awesome, friendly and helpful.  

As for the workout?  There's strength, balance, speed and, of course, boxing.  Jabs, mountain climbers, jumping rope, squats, round kicks, planks, push ups and more.  Three circuits in and I was ball of sweat.  It's not easy, but like any work out where someone is challenging and encouraging you, you work out harder and probably faster.  I love it.  

The space is pretty bare bones, dark yet open and full of movement and loud music.  The Downtown one has showers and bath rooms, many locations don't have showers though.  All in all, It's nothing fancy, but 9Rounds -- like many of the nicer gyms -- now offers heart monitors, online tracking and more with certain membership packages. The sport of boxing is ancient, but technology drives everything these days so it was cool to see the monitors and motivating tracking that's available.

I'm all about convenience when it comes to working out.  Gold's Gym is in our building so it suits me pretty well.  But, when I don't work with trainer there I find that I can get stuck in a rut and sometimes lack the motivation that's really going to produce results.  So, for me, 9Rounds came at a perfect time.  After a free session, I signed up for the 2 month special membership and added it to my fitness arsenal.  Bryant and Delia invite you to do the same by stopping in whenever you can to see the space and sample a session.  I guarantee it will kick your butt. 


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