Walgreen's: somewhat perplexing and yet I can spend an hour in there, easy.
Walgreen's: somewhat perplexing and yet I can spend an hour in there, easy.

What's up, Walgreens?

I have never been able to completely wrap my mind around Walgreens. I mean, I get that it's a pharmacy and has a lot of personal hygiene items and a large selection of makeup and tons of bubble bath and hundreds of those poofy scrubby thingies.

But other items for sale at Walgreens perplex me. Particularly the food aisle. I never thought Walgreens Spaghetti O's or packaged bologna slices were particularly appealing and now, Walgreen's has fresh fruit and Racine Kringles.

Don't get me wrong, I like Walgreens, especially the holiday aisles, but never in a million years would I think to buy my fresh fruit or bakery there.

Then again, I wouldn't think I'd buy my clothing there, either, but three years ago I bought a retro-looking, faux leather jacket at a Walgreens in New Orleans. And guess what? It's my favorite jacket. Almost every time I wear it, someone compliments it, and I get to say, "Thanks, I got it at Walgreens."

Maybe Walgreens is just a mini Walmart. I don't know why I am always somewhat surprised by Walgreen's offerings when box stores carry everything from toilet plungers to Jordan almonds for the wedding day. And yet, when I see soy candles next to Pillow Pets next to flip flops next to apples and bananas, this consumer gets a little perplexed.

Is Walgreens a variety store? And a pharmacy? And a grocery store?

Maybe every time I start wandering the aisles, wondering what's the deal with Walgreens and who buys slippers shaped like beer cans or battery-operated singing fish that get mounted to the wall, I should just grab a huge box of Lemonheads and be done with it.



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