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Social Circle: Were you surprised by the election results?

Published Nov. 11, 2012

Whether you are pleased or displeased with the results of the elections, they are over and it's time to move forward. For closure, had to ask the Social Circle one last question: were you surprised by the outcome of any of the elections.


The election is over - welcome back, commercials

Published Nov. 8, 2012

A big welcome back to the Lenz Trucks guys, attorney David Gruber and Steinhafels. I'm sure some of us will miss the abundance of campaign advertisements - OK, only the bean counters at the local TV and radio stations will.


Grading the candidates' websites

Published Nov. 5, 2012

Every major election, Publisher Andy Tarnoff makes a point to take a nonpartisan look (yes, he says he can do that) at the major candidates' websites and evaluate them based on usability, design, clarity and messaging, mobile and overall trustworthiness. Here's a topical look at the Web efforts of the men and women looking for your vote on Nov. 6.


Election exhaustion

Published Oct. 8, 2012

The lead item on the news this weekend was about how much money the two campaigns had raised. I was stunned, but it gave me an idea.


Why Obama will beat Romney

Published Oct. 3, 2012

Let me begin this blog by explaining that I'm not a huge fan of Barack Obama. He's the most mediocre Democratic president since Jimmy Carter and maybe since Lyndon Johnson, and for all the hate directed to him by the right, he's also equally let down the left. Still, he will trounce Mitt Romney on Nov. 5. Here's why.

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Reader blogs:

Now what?

Now that the 2012 election is over, what will become of the  characters in our great national drama?Mitt Romney: Tall, handsome and articulate, he was by far the most electable of the Republican  presidential candidates. But he had two drawbacks:  he seemed out of touch with the ci...

How Obama Blew It

Most observers agree that  the October 3  "Presidential Debate"  was "won" by Mitt Romney, and they are right.President Obama's big mistake was  to repeatedly denounce  Mitt  Romney's   "$5 trillion tax cut,"  which Romney deni...

Half a Nation of Victims

"There are 47% of the people who will vote for the President no matter what.....who are dependent on government, who believe they are victims...47% of Americans pay no income tax." Mitt Romney (1)If Romney is right, all Obama needs to win a 51% share of the popular vote is to  gain...

Are you middle class?

"A massive tax increase on job creators and on small business.....another kick in the gut to the middle class in America."  Mitt Romney on Barack Obama's plan to extend the Bush tax cuts only for  taxpayers earning less than $250,000 per year.(1)Since the Small Business A...

The Glazerbeam Simple Tax

The release of Mitt Romney's  2010 tax return has reminded us all that   someone earning over $20 million per year can get by with an effective tax rate of  14%, only one percent above that of middle class taxpayers (1).  Except for Warren Buffet, everybody thinks that th...

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