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Where to find scares on the big screen this Halloween

Published Oct. 27, 2017

It's the time of year for fear, meaning there's plenty of eerie entertainment and chill-inducing cinema available on screens big and small. Here's a breakdown of what to see and where to be scared this Halloween weekend.


Milwaukee Film Festival flicks to pick: Day 15

Published Oct. 12, 2017

How ... how is the Milwaukee Film Festival ending already? Well, what better way to end the festival than with a movie pick that exemplifies just one of the lovely roles Milwaukee Film plays for film fans in the city: "Landline."


A conversation with Larenz Tate of "Love Jones" and "Girls Trip"

Published Oct. 1, 2017

Two decades after its release, "Love Jones" still lives on in viewers' hearts - and at the Milwaukee Film Festival, where the movie celebrated its 20th anniversary Saturday night at the Oriental - complete with star Larenz Tate in attendance. We chatted with him about the movie's lasting appeal, Hollywood and "Girls Trip."


Robin's picks: Milwaukee Film Festival edition

Published Sept. 30, 2017

There's still a lot of great live entertainment and events going on in the city - but with the 2017 Milwaukee Film Festival up and running for the next two weeks, I'd be remiss if I didn't give you my picks for the festival!


My very rational, super sensible 2017 Milwaukee Film Festival schedule

Published Sept. 28, 2017

Every year, I tell myself I'll be smart about how many Milwaukee Film Festival movies I can cram into 15 days and still exist as a living, breathing human being. And every year, I end up lying to myself. Here's everything I hope to catch at this year's fest.