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Mike check: courtside with a college basketball color analyst

Published Feb. 8, 2012

Mike Kelley was one of "those" basketball players. Never flashy, but efficient. Fundamentally sound with leadership qualities oozing from his sweat. Kelley was that cliché, "lets his game do the talking" type of athletes. No longer an athlete, Mike Kelley now lets his talking describe a game - as a college basketball color analyst for the ESPN Network family.


Time Warner, Big Ten Network end their feud

Published Aug. 25, 2008

If you felt a slight breeze on Monday night, it may have been caused by thousands of Wisconsin Badgers / Time Warner Cable subscribers fans exhaling simultaneously. The Big Ten Network will be on Time Warner Cable this season.


Cable flap shouldn't be a federal issue

Published Nov. 28, 2007

Should the potential blackout of Thursday's Packers-Cowboys game become an issue for the FCC to take up? No way, says blogger Steve Jagler.


Football frenzy lands in government lap

Published Nov. 23, 2007

What's more entertaining this time of year than football? How about dragging politics into America's fall pastime? Couch potatoes and armchair quarterbacks are riled about missing their favorite games and have sought help from, of all things, government.

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