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The Weathered Kite

Youth is fleeting and yet there is a lack of respect and willingness to hold on to it. At thirteen, dreams of proms, weddings and popularity send hopes sky high as if kites flying above. Romantic strings connecting and intertwining without a care in the world. Mismatched shapes and bright kites...

(not so) Wild About Hairy

Okay, so now I’m plucking ear hair! Little patches sprout out from the tops of both ears… Four or five really long dark hairs show up, seemingly overnight. And then there’re a few inside that’re almost impossible to see so I just nip at them with tw...

40 of 40: Day 36 & 37

I'm blue.It could be all the changes; I'm not necessarily good with change.  Changes at work Changes in my life.  Changes coming for our country.  It could be the weather (I know it's the weather).  The worst part is, at least today, I can't shake it.One thing that's been heav...

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