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This white Democrat agrees: we blew it

Published Nov. 18, 2014

This year, though vote totals suggest Wisconsin turnout wasn't down for a mid-term election, my anecdata do: every election I give my students bonus credit for bringing in "I Voted" stickers. This month I collected fewer than I ever have from my overwhelmingly black and Latino students, suggesting they, their families, and their neighbors just didn't vote. Even in the "99 percent Obama" ward where Burke and the president appeared together, turnout was down from the last gubernatorial contest.


Why does the Journal Sentinel care how much Don Smiley makes?

Published April 4, 2013

I am one of the people in Milwaukee who doesn't mind that Summerfest chief Don Smiley makes a lot of money and I am one of a handful who knows why this is such a big story for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The newspaper has always been obsessed with how much money people who don't work for the newspaper make. When I say "obsessed," I am not exaggerating. I have very personal experience with this.


Spring elections are important, too.

Published April 2, 2013

Voter turn-out will likely be smaller than usual because there aren't a lot of "sexy" races today. No candidates for governor, mayor or county executive to elect. Most city aldermen aren't running either.


Psychologist helps heal inner city wounds

Published Feb. 18, 2013

Dr. Earl Bracy has seen the wounded part of Milwaukee's troubled youth upfront and personal. As a clinical psychologist employed by the state of Wisconsin to counsel adolescents aged 11 to 17 years old, Bracy meets with about 20 different cases each week to offer his particular brand of therapy for what ails them most. He observes that the cases seem to get more difficult each year.

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