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Grow your own tropical paradise in a container or garden

Published April 22, 2017

Just choose a few containers or locate some spots in the garden where you can include these bold-leafed beauties. Before you know it, you'll be sipping your favorite beverage in your very own tropical garden.


Fall care for a healthier, better looking lawn

Published Aug. 19, 2016

As summer fades into fall, it is time to help lawns recover from summer stress and prepare for the winter ahead. Here are some tips and tricks to help keep your lawn healthy when the colder months come.


Ease into gardening with a raised bed

Published April 23, 2016

Raise your garden to new heights for easier access and greater productivity. Raised beds allow you to overcome poor soil by creating the ideal growing mix, plus make gardening time more comfortable thanks to less bending and kneeling.

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