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Live blog: KISS at the Marcus Amphitheater

Published June 27, 2009

As soon as the folks at Summerfest announced that KISS was headlining the first Saturday night at the Big Gig, we knew who we wanted to cover it for us. Our friend Kevin Brandt, better known as "KB" from the "Dave and Carole Morning Show" on WKLH (96.5 FM), is a longtime ally of the KISS Army, has seen a number of the group's shows and use Twitter to transmit updates throughout the show.


Paul Stanley lives! (and wins)

Published Oct. 20, 2006

Paul Stanley seems revitalized on "Live to Win." Perhaps getting out from under the KISS umbrella has something to do with it. This is a fresh record, and anyone expecting a throwback to the '70s will be surprised.

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