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The bartender-less bar

Published Feb. 1, 2012

I've gone to bars for a long time, but recently, I experienced something for the very first time at a local tavern.


"Intimate Strangers" paints introspective portrait

Published Sept. 3, 2004

French director Patrice Leconte is no stranger to intimate films based on chance encounters. Witness his "The Man on the Train," with Johnny Halliday, and "The Girl on the Bridge," to name two.

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The Beauty of the Bus

I used to ride my 12-speed bike to school... to the pool in the summer... to my friends' houses. When I turned 16, my mother made a point to tell me I would not be allowed to have a car "You'll spend all your time working to make the payments, your grades will go down and you'll lose track o...

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