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"A Long Way Down" takes a leap but fails to be funny

Published June 16, 2014

As it stands now, "A Long Way Down" is a film that should've been insightful and moving. To our great misfortune, however, it was savaged by a screenplay that should be thrown into a fire and direction that's as laughably bad as the direction of a below average community theatre production.


Rockwell helps "The Way, Way Back" make a sweet splash

Published July 21, 2013

Sam Rockwell served as the uncontrollable sparkplug of chaos in last year's "Seven Psychopaths," and he now plays a similar burst of life in the warm growing-up tale "The Way, Way Back," one more smartly contained yet still undeniably electric.


OnMedia: NBC turns genealogy into TV drama

Published March 26, 2010

Genealogy may sound like a dry and dusty topic, but NBC's "Who Do You Think You Are?" is using it to tell great stories ... NBC's "Dateline" goes to Grafton ... That "Lost" finale party has been canceled.


Williams listens to serious side for "The Night"

Published Aug. 3, 2006

As a self-proclaimed and publicly acknowledged funny man, Robin Williams has been idling into the realm of dramatic, serious films. A few of his romps paid off, others not so much. "The Night Listener" plays to his serious acting ability and works amazingly well.

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Rev. Ron reviews "The Way Way Back"

Remember sitting in the way, way back seat in your family's station wagon? I don't because we never owned one...also it might be a little moronic of me to just assume that the person reading this had a family that owned a station wagon. Maybe your family had some badass sports car or some kind of...

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