By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Aug 31, 2010 at 4:55 AM

What's the No. 1 rule of cool? Never admit your own coolness. 

These Milwaukeeans are probably too cool to flaunt their own panache, so that's why we are doing it for them.

In the spirit of's popular "100 hottest lists" parts one and two, we present our list of 100 coolest Milwaukeeans. Remember, this list is alphabetical, not ranked in order of hip-ness.

And, no, this is not a tribute to our personal friends; this is a collection of local public figures whose ideas, actions and creations make Milwaukee a cooler place to be.

  1. Marcus Allen, WKLH morning show producer
  2. Justin Aprahamian, Sanford chef and James Beard Award nominee
  3. John Axford, Milwaukee Brewers closer
  4. Evan Barnes, veteran bartender
  5. Joe Bartolotta, restaurateur
  6. Steve Basting, MPD captain
  7. Nathaniel Bauer, graphic designer and wine guy
  8. Claudia Beaudoin, Red Dot co-owner
  9. Erika J. Bock, DJ
  10. Andrew Bogut, Bucks center
  11. Dennis Bondar, Wolski's co-owner
  12. @BootyP, Twitterer extraordinaire
  13. Nick Burki, Coquette Cafe owner
  14. Element C. Everest, hip-hop artist
  15. Carole Caine, WKLH morning host
  16. Paul Cebar, musician
  17. Tim Cigelske, Teecycle
  18. David Clarke, Milwaukee County sheriff
  19. Preston Cole, city forester
  20. Tom Crawford, WMSE station manager
  21. Christian Damiano, Dream Dance Steak sommelier
  22. Jordan Dechambre, M Magazine managing editor
  23. Austin Dutmer, Jaill drummer
  24. Dwellephant, artist
  25. John Dye, Bryant's Lounge owner
  26. Mike Eitel, Diablos Rojos restaurateur
  27. Dr. Else Ankel, Urban Ecology Center founder
  28. Ward Fowler, Alterra co-founder
  29. Rick Frenette, State Fair Park executive director
  30. Brent Gohde, Fullhouse PR
  31. Mike Gousha, TV news analyst, WISN-TV
  32. Michael Hart, defense attorney at Kohler & Hart
  33. Shane Hochstetler, Call Me Lightning / Howl Street Recordings
  34. Tony Hrkac, Concordia University hockey coach
  35. Beret Isaacson, ReThreads owner
  36. Brandon Jennings, Bucks point guard
  37. Scott Johnson, restaurateur
  38. Paul Jonas, musician / Tonic Tavern owner
  39. Eugene Kane, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist
  40. Dasha Kelly, poet
  41. Jan Kelly, Meritage chef / owner
  42. Paul Kennedy, bartender
  43. Greg Koch, guitar man
  44. Trenni Kusnierek, reporter, MLB Network
  45. Julia LaLoggia, Ginger and Stonefly Brewery owner
  46. Faythe Levine, artist / gallery owner
  47. Adam Lucks, Comet and Honeypie chef
  48. Doug MacKenzie, distiller at Rehorst
  49. Ed Makowski, poet and bartender
  50. Ryan Matteson, Muzzle of Bees
  51. Jim McCabe, Milwaukee Brewing Co. founder
  52. Slim McGinn, bar owner
  53. Suzzette Metcalfe, The Pasta Tree owner
  54. Malcolm Michiles, Packers DJ
  55. "College" Dave Mikolajek, bartender
  56. Thom Miller, Beauty Salon
  57. Barb Miner, photojournalist / writer
  58. Wendy Mireles, Cafe Corazon co-owner
  59. Leslie Montemurro, restaurateur
  60. Liv Mueller, musician and boutique owner
  61. Davey Nelson, Brewers ambassador / analyst
  62. Andy Noble, Kings Go Forth bassist / Get Down DJ / Lotus Land Records co-owner
  63. Nate Norfolk, sommelier / wine salesman / musician
  64. Paris Ortiz, Enemy Star guitarist
  65. Steve Palec, retro radio host at WKLH
  66. Diane Pathieu, WTMJ anchor / reporter
  67. Justin Perkins, Mystery Room studio owner / musician
  68. Ted Perry, WITI anchor
  69. Sandy Ploy, Milwaukee Iron Cupcake founder
  70. Jeremy Prach, Riverwest 24 founder
  71. Shanel Reiger, fashion designer
  72. Jon Reiter, Solid State Tattoo owner
  73. Bob Reitman, WUWM DJ
  74. John Riepenhoff, Green Gallery
  75. Duke Roufus, MMA trainer
  76. Bill Rouleau, Rush-Mor Records co-owner / bartender
  77. Peter Sandroni, La Merenda owner / chef
  78. Sara Santiago, Roll Mobile owner
  79. Steve Sazama, Saz's State House owner
  80. Janet Schiff, cellist and member of band 1913
  81. Ryan Schleicher, WMSE
  82. Sage Schwarm, Codebreaker / Luv Unlimited co-owner
  83. BJ Seidel, Decibully / Burnhearts co-owner
  84. Adam Siegel, Bacchus / Lake Park Bistro Beard Award-winning chef
  85. Bill Stace, Walls Have Ears owner/engineer, The Miramar Theater
  86. Scott Starr, Fever Marlene
  87. Damian Strigens, Testa Rosa, Conrad Plymouth, etc.
  88. Laura Stuart, Tool Shed owner
  89. George "Tip" Thompson, former Bucks player
  90. Chris Tishler, 5-Card Studs & Chief
  91. Gary Tuma, Walkers Point Center of the Arts executive director
  92. Eric Uecke, Cactus Club owner
  93. Bob Uecker, Brewers radio announcer
  94. Deb Usinger, Usinger's Famous Sausage president
  95. Mark Waldoch, The Celebrated Workingman
  96. D.A. Wallach, Chester French
  97. Marty Weigel, Benno's owner
  98. Carrie Wendt, WHQG personality
  99. Buzz Williams, Marquette head coach
  100. Mike Wojciechowski, Admirals vice president