By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Nov 19, 2010 at 9:02 AM

If you read yesterday's story on called, "100 things that suck in Milwaukee," you might mistakenly think we don't love it here.

Quite the contrary. We've published countless "100 things" to eat, sleep and breathe the Milwaukee experience, but the real answer is this: the almost 20 people who work at -- including the company's founders -- feel passionately about this city and champion its stories every day.

Yesterday, we just chose to highlight 100 things that we don't love; partially to have a little fun, but mostly to spur on ideas for change.

At the end of the day, we're thankful for so very much about our favorite city. But as Thanksgiving approaches, we're also thankful for Milwaukee's little things.

Here's a list of 100 of them, and yes, we know the headline ends in a preposition. Please add your own using the Talkback feature below:

  1. The sunrise over Lake Michigan
  2. In some neighborhoods, a tavern on every corner
  3. Fishing at McKinley Marina
  4. A cup of Alterra coffee outside in the summer
  5. The smell of leaves at Lake Park in autumn
  6. Boating on a cleaner Milwaukee River
  7. Just the right number of Domes
  8. The Seven Bridges at Grant Park
  9. Getting Brainbusted at Bryant's
  10. Anywhere in town in 20 minutes or less
  11. And, just a quick drive to "the country"
  12. Those Midwestern friendly stereotypes are actually true
  13. Four, count 'em, four seasons
  14. Fish fries!
  15. Rock candy at The Streets of Old Milwaukee
  16. Accessible, expansive and green lakefront
  17. The Oriental Theatre
  18. Some great public schools
  19. Still cheap beer
  20. We can see stars from our backyards
  21. Buying sausage off the seconds table in the old world Usinger's shop
  22. Have you seen the renovated Milwaukee County Historical Society yet?
  23. St. Joan of Arc Chapel at Marquette University
  24. The Safe House
  25. 25 cent milk at State Fair
  26. A nice, easy airport with many direct flights
  27. A reliable bus system
  28. The decor at Maria's Pizza
  29. That ballpark roof sure is nice in early April
  30. Miller Brewery tour is free
  31. Lakefront Brewery tour isn't free, but you won't walk away sober
  32. Wonderfully, ethnically diverse population
  33. The view of Downtown from atop the old reservoir
  34. Tailgating
  35. Calatrava created an amazing symbol for the city
  36. Miller Park is one of the less expensive ballparks to visit
  37. Plenty of good street parking still available
  38. Real Chili
  39. WMSE, WUWM and 88Nine Radio Milwaukee are excellent public radio stations
  40. Sausage races
  41. Several great universities and colleges
  42. Downtown library is a gem
  43. The Milwaukee Public Market
  44. The National Avenue noodle houses
  45. Cream City brick
  46. Mark Attanasio
  47. Vibrant local music scene
  48. Many great, livable neighborhoods
  49. Mike Gousha
  50. 11 days of live music and cup stacking at Summerfest
  51. Rolling out the barrel during the seventh inning stretch
  52. Photo ops with the janitor at Milwaukee Art Museum
  53. How many cities have statues of ducks, like our Gertie?
  54. El Rey lemon tortilla chips
  55. Saz's mozzarella sticks
  56. The chance to perch atop lots of bikes at Harley Museum
  57. The Oak Leaf and Hank Aaron Trails
  58. Frozen custard
  59. Plate lunch at Conejito's
  60. Bowling at the Polish Falcon
  61. Miller Bakery's pretzels
  62. Brandon Jennings
  63. Fireworks every weekend during the summer
  64. Polka music at the Fair
  65. The giant foot piano at Betty Brinn Children's Museum
  66. A city of ethnic festivals
  67. Cooler (in summer) and warmer (in winter) near the lake
  68. Particularly humane Wisconsin Humane Society
  69. Polar bears and their plunging
  70. Biketoberfest and Tour de Farce
  71. Free cashews at Blu
  72. American Science and Surplus
  73. Marcy at Holler House
  74. More pro sports than many cities our size
  75. County-owned water parks
  76. Kochanski's Concertina Bar
  77. Nessun Dorma
  78. You can still see some old painted advertisements on buildings in the Third Ward
  79. Milwaukee Public Museum dinosaurs co-starred in "Dinosaurs!" movie with Fred Savage
  80. Von Trier is back from the edge
  81. Free popcorn at Bliffert's hardware
  82. Fond memories of Pizza Man
  83. Butter burgers
  84. Ryan Braun will be with the Brewers for a long time ... unless he's traded
  85. Plenty of clean drinking water right there in your tap
  86. Brett Favre isn't our problem anymore
  87. Local characters like Pepperoni Cannoli Guy and Freeway
  88. Candy Cane Lane that supports the MACC Fund
  89. Plenty of kitsch on tap
  90. At least two woman-owned erotic boutiques
  91. Discovery World, Art Museum and Harbor House combine to make a great destination
  92. Snake button
  93. We have a great zoo
  94. Emerald Ash Borer appears to be under control
  95. Playing shuffleboard at Burnheart's
  96. Lighthouses in Lake Park and behind Marcus Amphitheater
  97. Milwaukee Sailing Center
  98. Boerner Botanical Gardens
  99. Human pinsetters at Koz's Mini Bowl
  100. Shopping in the Historic Third Ward