By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Jul 03, 2005 at 5:30 AM

{image1} So, Milwaukee's population has dropped by about 3,600 people, according the Census Bureau. We say, look on the bright side. A few thousand fewer people only makes Milwaukee better. Here's why.

  1. We didn't like those 3,600 losers anyway!
  2. More room for the rest of us
  3. Easier to park
  4. 3,600 fewer beers spilled on us at Summerfest
  5. Less traffic!
  6. Milwaukee now about 540,000 lbs. lighter
  7. Better to king of the smaller cities than punching bag of the big ones
  8. It's not the size, it's how you use it
  9. Shorter weekend lines at Alterra at the Lake ... maybe
  10. Green Bay finally has fighting chance to become the biggest city in Wisconsin
  11. Miller Park's lower capacity (than County Stadium) finally makes sense
  12. Deer may actually outnumber people
  13. 3,600 fewer mustaches
  14. Mequon and Waukesha can get a taste of traffic for a change
  15. Even fewer people will buy the Journal Sentinel
  16. Still way bigger than Atlanta (423,019) and Ted Turner doesn't own our baseball team
  17. We still have more females than males!
  18. And there's less competition for those ladies and fellas
  19. Milwaukee's median age still less than Cleveland (33.7 vs. 31.8)
  20. Tall, Australian white guys still want to come here
  21. When Usinger's grills its "World's Largest Brat" at German Fest next month, we each get to eat that much more of it
  22. Emergency Room waiting times no longer a concern
  23. Mellencamp's "Small Town" more relevant to Milwaukee now
  24. We now all contribute that much more to Miller Park, so we each own more of it!
  25. Easier for politicians to "serve their constituents"
  26. We still crush Minneapolis (329,099) and our winters are still bearable, arguably
  27. Maybe now, Elton John will never come back!
  28. Less competition at the closeout racks
  29. Mitchell International now even easier to get in and out of
  30. Does this number include Terry Porter?
  31. Our count doesn't include dead people like Chicago's
  32. More custard for everyone
  33. Less pressure in Top 25 than Top 20
  34. New Marquette Interchange instantly has longer lifespan
  35. Better chance at scoring the best seats in the house
  36. Private cells for everyone in the county jail!
  37. Now easier to spot Halle Barry should she come back to town
  38. Al Jarreau now an even bigger star!
  39. Fewer people driving past your house and stealing your Wi-Fi
  40. 3,600 fewer people embarrassed by the Marquette nickname scandal (maybe that's why they left!)
  41. Plenty of elbow room at State Fair this year
  42. Better chances of winning an OMC contest
  43. Your chances of being chosen for "Trading Spaces" next time they come to Milwaukee are now even higher
  44. Less people equal less pollution
  45. Now you're even more likely to run into people you know when you go out
  46. The ex-Milwaukeeans will inevitably come back to visit, therefore boosting the city's tourism
  47. More space to spread your blanket at Jazz in the Park
  48. The bar capacity ordinance now poses less of a problem
  49. More cheese curds for the rest of us
  50. Fewer people attending upscale events in sweat pants
  51. No more waiting for a Stairmaster at the Y
  52. Better chance of winning a free lunch at Cousin's
  53. Shorter waiting time while calling to complain to Time Warner
  54. Gives us the right to self-righteously bitch about other places with population problem
  55. Smoky bars less smoky
  56. Fear of not meeting anyone better will keep divorce rates low
  57. UPAF's campaign record of $10,155,610 now seems even more impressive
  58. Lower population should make Wal-Mart reconsider adding new stores
  59. Assuming some of those leaving were musicians, less competition for noon gigs at summer festivals
  60. More available slots at Potawatomi
  61. More tasty water we can sell to Waukesha
  62. 3,600 more Packers sweatshirts promoting Wisconsin football in other cities
  63. Milwaukee closer to goal of trading status of "city" for that of "burg"
  64. Plenty more web-surfing bandwidth on Roadrunner
  65. Less competition for the horseshoe pits at county parks
  66. We move higher up on the bars per capita list
  67. More room in the sauna at Tubs
  68. New phone book much lighter
  69. Instead of three degrees of separation among Milwaukeeans, now just two
  70. Everyone's personal space now expanded
  71. Less poop in new dog parks
  72. Better chance of being "discovered" for Wisconsin lottery commercials
  73. Crowd controllers/bouncers have more free time
  74. Fewer feces in Lake Michigan
  75. Could this mean fewer parking checkers?
  76. Easier to hail a cab at bar time
  77. Better service for all you can eat tacos at Slim's
  78. Mo empty buildings for expansion of Johnny V's empire
  79. Shorter lines at monosyllabic Milwaukee Street clubs
  80. Fewer jaywalking tickets
  81. Bayshore expansion now justified
  82. Plenty of available housing for imported SAB employees
  83. Easier for students to crack 10% of class
  84. Faster bar-time seating at Ma Fischer's
  85. More opportunities for city employment
  86. Glut of new condos combined with lower population may force price drop
  87. Shorter wait at downtown hot dog carts
  88. Pepperoni/Cannoli Guy's inventory fresher
  89. More free wine per person at Gallery Night
  90. Student/Teacher ratio improved
  91. Fewer KKK members in Riverwest
  92. Fungus index declines in area bowling shoes
  93. Gene pool gets overdue skimming
  94. Shorter lines at the DMV
  95. Fewer people complaining about property taxes
  96. Plenty of good tee times now available
  97. Finally, we can get a seat on the patio at Paddy's
  98. And more free M&Ms there for us!
  99. Everyone now gets their own personal Downtown Public Service Ambassador
  100. Mayor expected to personally thank everyone who stayed