By Carolynn Buser Chief Content Officer Published Oct 27, 2014 at 6:01 PM

Another day, another list that focuses on Wisconsin and why we have it so great.  This time it's "9 best reasons to visit Wisconsin." 

I don't disagree -- I love it here -- and love when others around the country and world get to hear about our great state. So, kudos and thanks go to Thrillist.

A list like this, of course, only focuses on a few attributes we have. Some of them are the usual things. You know the ones ... tailgating, festival seasons, cheese.

But what about the more unknown Wisconsin qualities?  To its credit, Thrilllist didn't go all Wisconsin cliche by highlighting things like New Glarus and "The Driftless Area."  

Let me think a more outside the mainstream and cliche box.  What should you do when you visit here -- or MOVE here?

Here are a few of my reasons.

1. Bayfield - summer OR winter

A pure Wisconsin gem awaits you at the northern most tip of our state. Typically, I'd say make sure you go during summer -- but honestly, even in the "polar vortex" of a Wisconsin winter it is amazing. 

Flickr: Andy Rathbun

2. Cranberry Festival, Warrens 

The largest cranberry festival in the world takes place in our own backyard. Well, Wisconsin's backyard. All the cranberries you can eat and more than 850 arts and crafts booths, antiques and much much more. Not your typical summer festival.

Flickr: shazam791

3. Alpine Valley Music Theatre

The iconic Alpine Valley Music Theater is up for sale -- and who knows what the future holds.  The setting  is gorgeous - the rolling hills of southern Kettle Morraine surround you - and you really don't have a bad seat on that hill. I went to my very first concert there (New Kids on the Block, don't judge) and hope generations more get to experience a true theater like this versus an arena show.

Flickr: Lauriefan

These are just a few I would add to Thrillist's Wisconsin list. What would YOU add?

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