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The medium of the music video continues to explode as technology gets better and cameras get cheaper, and it is here that we will start our journey of my "2011 favorites."

Here are my 10 favorite Milwaukee music videos from 2011 in alphabetical order.

Brazil & Logan Herte – Madvillain – "Victory Lap"

You have to respect people who take the time to do stop-motion animation mixed with Japan-influenced anime. This video is an acid trip and a half and placed 18th in the Stones Throw competition they entered it into.

C-Piepz – "Show You The World (Ayyo Ayyo)"

This video is pretty much the epitome of fun, Hawaii and the Polynesian culture, and is the most tropical video a Milwaukee artist has shot to my knowledge. Philly Fly Boy directed the video.

Dana Coppafeel – "Paradise"

Dana Coppa likes to release music videos, and he's been a part of several very memorable ones between his solo work and his group KingHellBastard. This Covert Empire-directed video is bright and vivid and his best from this year.

Fresh Cut Collective feat. A-Biz and Dana Coppafeel – "Let Go"

A rooftop jam session on a nice summer day is something you can't hate on because that's what summer is about. If you aren't kicking rhymes in a cypher on occasion or strumming a six-string in a circle of friends, you're doing summer wrong.

Gerald Walker – "The Missing Piece"

This Xavier Ruffin-directed video is downright excellent. It's tone is simple but the editing is complex, even though you don't get a ton of different settings. It's creative and refreshing and should've been mentioned 20 times over already by other media outlets.

Jon Frost – "The Make Up Song"

When it comes to humor, Jon Frost has a unique perspective on the topic and he isn't afraid to show you his funny side. This music video takes an already fun song and turns it into something completely hilarious. I mean, how many people do you know walk around slapping mannequins with bacon during breakfast? "The Make Up Song" was directed by Mark Gage.

Logic & Raze – "Thinking Out Loud"

Bringing the confessional-style song "Thinking Out Loud" to life was director Ku Mays, who was able to capture the emotion and depth of the song through his black-and-white, "Real World" booth-style video.

¡OYE! – "Misfits"/"When I'm Small (remix)"

The Alex Browning-directed set of videos – which should definitely be viewed together as one – shows the protagonist ¡OYE! gliding through a dreary and blurry London before things all go to hell and London gets creepy. Though I've never been there, this is exactly what I think London is like and I thank these videos for confirming my ignorant and small-minded Americanness.

Prophetic – "Jungle"

Another Ruffin video that showcases his slick editing abilities and keen sense of how to give a visual story to a song that is anything other than typical. This video is the best video I've seen from the duo of Proph and Ruffin and this is the best video in Ruffin's catalog as of right now.

SigNif – "Lovely Imperfections"

The Darren Cole-directed video makes the Big Apple look relatively empty and vacant of any soul as emcee SigNif does what she can to inject warmth back into the cold winter called reality. You even get a bonus video at the end of this one.

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