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The summer weather may be lovely, but when it comes to sports, we truly are in the brutal dessert of the calendar. Almost no football, hockey or basketball. Bucks free agency wrapped up in about ten minutes. The World Cup that we should be enjoying was pushed to late fall thanks to heat stroke and corrupt stupidity. Basically all we've got from the major sports is the WNBA (give Milwaukee a team, dang it!) and the saggy midsection of the baseball schedule – and the Brewers just lost two of three at home against the Cubs, so I certainly don't want to discuss that trash sadness. 

So let's talk about Aaron Rodgers! (*everyone slams computer closed*) Wait, no – come back! I know the words "Rodgers" and "off-field storyline" can cause immediate hives in any and all Packers fans these days, but I swear this time it's fun and light-hearted: He got a tattoo!

Indeed, according to a post from Rodgers' Instagram, the Packers' star quarterback and four-time MVP got his first ink this offseason, created by tattoo artist Balazs Bercsenyi. Let's take a look:

Yep, seems about right. Because of course "complicated fella" Aaron Rodgers would get some cryptic friggin' Da Vinci Code cypher tattooed on his arm. This guy makes "Westworld" look straight-forward – though Rodgers does note in the Instagram post that he will eventually decode the new body art. Someday. Probably on "The Pat McAfee Show."

"There’s a deep and meaningful story and connection to absolutely each element of this art piece, and I’ll share a little more about that one day," Rodgers writes. "For now, just thankful for (Balazs Bercsenyi) and his patience and artistry."

Doesn't mean we can't try to crack the code early! Now, I'm no expert in astrology or New Age symbolism ... but I'm pretty sure this means Aaron Rodgers is going to end his career as a Detroit Lion? Or something – who can really know with this guy. All I know is that some part of Packers fandom is DEFINITELY concerned in the comments about this tattoo impacting his accuracy or arm strength, or distracting him, or some other nonsense. 

Anyways, hope you've enjoyed this brief sports-adjacent update. A little over a month until the first preseason Packers game! We're almost out of these sports woods!

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