By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Feb 27, 2023 at 3:01 PM

Back in early 2021, Egg & Flour chef Adam Pawlak went to hell – "Hell's Kitchen," that is, where he cooked up some local pride, some very tasty dishes and a surprise early exit thanks to some hot nonsense from his fellow competitors. Two years later, he's returning to TV screens to serve up a new dish: REVENGE.

On Tuesday night, Pawlak will sharpen his knives on television once again for a new episode of Food Network's latest competition show "Superchef Grudge Match." On the show – hosted by celebrity chef Darnell Ferguson – two rival chefs or food personalities hit the kitchen cooking ring to settle their beef (and maybe cook some as well). After raising the stakes and putting their most beloved chef's knives up for grabs, the two culinary contenders have 30 minutes to cook up a dish that will earn them $10,000 and – most importantly – bragging rights. Oh, and each chef brings a secret challenging ingredient to give their nemesis and hopefully throw them off their gastronomic game.

Past notable competitors include Food Network personality Aarti Sequeiria as well as popular "Top Chef" contenders Antonia Lofaso, Ilan Hall and Stephanie Izard – and now it's Chef Pawlak's turn to seek vengeance. He'll hope to turn the tables against fellow "Hell's Kitchen" co-star Declan Horgan, last seen helping put Pawlak on Gordon Ramsay's chopping block way sooner than expected. The Milwaukee chef would end up getting the boot midway through the season, while Horgan wound up all the way in the finals.

Here's a first look at their "Superchef Grudge Match" smackdown. (The Pawlak vs. Horgan segment begins around the 42 second-mark.)

To watch Pawlak settle this beef – and maybe cook some too – his "Superchef Grudge Match" episode will debut on Food Network on Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 8 p.m. If you miss the episode, don't worry; it will re-air on Food Network on Wednesday, March 1 at 11 p.m.; Saturday, March 4 at noon; and Tuesday, March 7 at 1 p.m. The new episode should also be made available on Discovery+, Fubo TV, the Food Network's app, DirecTV and Spectrum On Demand shortly after its initial airing.

And here's to Chef Pawlak tasting victory this time on TV!

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