By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Mar 01, 2015 at 5:06 AM

Every week in 2015, and local design company Too Much Metal will join forces to introduce the latest member of the Milwaukee All-Stars – a team of unfamiliar winners living in Brew City who consistently and diligently make it shine. Each week, a new member will join the team – based on your recommendations – and at the end of the year all will come together in a Rally of the Raddest Milwaukeeans. We're not sure what that means quite yet, so for now, meet …

Shay Bolden

There are many Milwaukeeans who create positive energy in their everyday lives, even when they are doing mundane things. Shay Bolden is one of these people. Whether she’s on the job or hanging out with friends and family, Shay infuses her space with joy and warmth.

Shay moved to Milwaukee from Mississippi when she was three years old. She grew up on Milwaukee's North Side and graduated from North Division High School. Today, most of her family lives in Milwaukee, including her two daughters who are 18 and 23.

"We are a very close-knit family. We like to spend time together, doing things in Milwaukee," she says.

Shay has worked at Potawatomi Hotel and Casino since 2001 and she was promoted to box office supervisor in 2006. / Too Much Metal: What is your favorite time of year in Milwaukee?

Shay Bolden: I like Milwaukee in the summer. There are so many great things to do outside and festivals to attend.

OMC / TMM: What are your favorite or least favorite Milwaukee smells?

SB: I love the smells of all the great food at the State Fair and Summerfest. There's always something there to make your mouth water.

OMC / TMM: A shooting star flies across the sky. What does Milwaukee wish for?

SB: I would hope that Milwaukee would wish to be recognized for all its musical talents and contributions to the world.

OMC / TMM: When and why did you fall in love with Milwaukee?

SB: I fell in love with Milwaukee our first year here. It was a big city with lots of things to do. It was all so exciting.

OMC / TMM: What do you dig about your job?

SB: I love being the box office supervisor. I get to meet so many new people, interact with so many great artists and be involved in the world. I love music.

OMC / TMM: What’s your guilty pleasure?

SB: I like to sneak off to the Milwaukee County Zoo and walk around with a popsicle all by myself. Don't tell my kids.

OMC / TMM: If you could high-five one Milwaukeean, who would it be?

SB: I would be honored if I could high-five Mrs. Arlene Skwierawski from the old North Division High School music department. I learned so much from her while I was in the concert choir. She helped me mature and embrace my love of all music. Good teachers are awesome.

Do you know a Milwaukee All-Star? and Too Much Metal are looking for true-hearted folks living in the city of Milwaukee who love what they do – and do it with zest and style. Email or with recommendations.