By David Pflughoeft Special to Published Aug 21, 2007 at 5:09 AM

The signs are everywhere. Glittering posters show excited children jumping. Pencils and pens are illuminated and glorified along with backpacks, on signs that say "Back To School Sale!" Football practice has started, along with cross country and all the other fall sports. It's that dreaded time of year for anyone 18 or younger. It's the end of the warm, carefree days of summer, and the beginning of another year in a confined classroom.

We can no longer stay out with friends until the early hours of the morning. It's time to get ready for homework, tests, reading and all of the nuances that come with the return of school. We have to obey all the school rules and teachers. Unlike the golden days of summer, we have to go to bed early and get up at an ungodly time to go to school.

Now, while coming back to school is disheartening, the first week of school is actually one of the most exciting and fun weeks of school all year. You get to see everyone again, get new teachers and classrooms, and generally most teachers don't give homework out the first couple of days. Everyone has new clothes, new toys they got over the summer, and people are genuinely glad to see each other.

Soon after the first week however, the excitement dies down. Homework, tests, projects, and other assignments begin to pile up and occupy all our time. High school drama picks up right where it left off. Cliques reassemble and certain people are cut off once more. The dating scene explodes with countless crushes, breakups, and make-ups. Certain people will get into scuffles again, and others will take up gossip behind peoples' backs.

But not everything involving the student population is bad. There will be many new transfer students to befriend. Fall sports have started, providing exercise and competition along with opportunities to hang out with friends. There are also many exciting and entertaining teachers that demonstrate and share their knowledge extremely well, who students will love having class with.

And so begins yet another school year. The seniors, class of '08, are entering their final start of a high school year. Next summer will be preparation for their freshman year of college. The little freshmen are scared out of their minds, as they now attend high school with the big kids. The young kids of elementary school and middle school continue their journey through school, some just beginning. To them, summer vacation is still a time to play every day. To us older school kids nearing graduation, summer vacation is an opportunity to work and apply ourselves for the colleges and careers we desire.

So, with another summer vacation under our belts, it's time to take attendance. Bueller..., Bueller..., Bueller...

David Pflughoeft Special to
David Pflughoeft is a 17-year-old junior at Menomonee Falls High School, where he plays football, baseball and basketball. He also is passionate about video games and writing. His stories have appeared in newspapers across the country.