By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Aug 28, 2019 at 2:29 PM

Batch 19 is back (19)!

First officially released in 2010 by AC Golden Brewing Company, a beer innovation incubator brand – or, as they call themselves, a "skunkworks" division – for MillerCoors, Batch 19 is a pre-Prohibition style lager with a recipe that goes all the way back to the Coors founder Adolph Coors himself, who wrote down the formula and process in his log book from back in the earliest days of the brewery. Several decades ago, the brewers rediscovered the recipe and cooked it up for themselves in the employee lounge. (Always a good sign of a beer's quality when the brewers themselves have it at the ready for themselves.)

Years passed, and AC Golden decided to take the tasty brew out of from behind the scenes and into the public, but after five years, the special lager was shelved once more. But now it's back – exclusively on draft in Colorado and Milwaukee area taverns. 

Never one to turn down a beer in the middle of a workday, we sampled the returning brew Wednesday afternoon – and who better to guide us through this tasting than the president of AC Golden (and Adolph's great-great-grandson) David Coors.

For those now thirsty after watching that video, you can find a pint of Batch 19 for yourself on tap at multiple Milwaukee bars and taverns. Here's the current list:

Stay tuned to Batch 19's Facebook page, however, for updates to where you can find the brew – and if your favorite watering hole isn't on the list, ask your bartender to request it.

And if that's still too long to wait, David Coors and company will celebrate the return of Batch 19 at South South Terrace today starting at 4 p.m. – complete with pours of the new brew going for $1.19.

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