By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Nov 18, 2015 at 10:26 AM

Bad news, rest of the male species. After a doubtlessly thorough investigation and piles of research, People Magazine has made its annual dismount from Mount Sinai – via "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night – to declare the sexiest man alive. And this year's winner is David Beckham, who the front cover notes is "tough and tender," which sounds more like a steak cooked both perfectly and poorly.

Yeah, sure. I mean, obviously. There is no doubting the former Brit footballer is an extremely sexy dude. If my girlfriend told me she had cheated on me with him, my response would be, "Well, yeah, obviously. Why wouldn't you? Good for you!" Then we'd high-five. 

But doesn't it feel like the Beckham popularity boat sailed past? Ten years ago or even five, David Beckham would be a fairly hip, strong choice. But now? Twelve years since "Bend It Like Beckham" and two years after his retirement from soccer? It feels kind of like J.J. Abrams getting picked for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" – sure, a smart choice, but so lamely predictable and obvious. Or like when a bunch of friends and you want to go out to eat and can't decide on which trendy new place to go to, so you end up at Panera. 

David Beckham is not a bad pick. He's a fine (amirite, ladies?) pick. But what about someone like Chris Pratt? Or Tom Hardy? Or what about the Internet's husband Benedict Cumberbatch (People, you could've gotten those sweet, sweet Tumblr clicks)? Or Tom Hiddleston, the Pippa Middleton to Cumberbatch's Kate? All of these – and feel free to spout out your own personal picks – are more interesting and relevant options.

But whatever, People has made its verdict – you can read the whole interview here – and now David Beckham will join the ranks of Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson and Nick Nolte. You finally made it, David!

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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