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The breeze cools the tops of my feet and sneaks between my toes as my soles deftly navigate every detail of the varied terrain through the most minimal athletic shoe I have ever invested in – Bedrock Sandals.

The name indicates that these are not actually a shoe at all, but a sandal, a bare bones version of a huarache that harkens back to primitive footwear, embracing the primal/barefoot movement and minimalist footwear trend that lowers the profile of the foot to the ground, demanding that every muscle of the foot, ankle, lower limbs and truly the entire body respond to each bump and curve. This culminates in total ergonomic efficiency and a deep, corporal connection to the environment.

Both my husband and I have been living in our Bedrock Gabbro Ultra Lightweight + Performance Trail Sandals. The handmade-to-order, "barefoot" design is as minimal as you can get, with only a toe separator and ankle swaddle holding your foot onto the Vibram sole. It’s a feat of engineering that works so well – I actually have been running in these! I feel like a Greek gazelle in the ancient marathon races with only my huaraches and my stride separating me from the ground beneath. Bedrocks facilitate an extreme athletic, earthly connection that has me feeling like I am more united with my surroundings, making my workouts even more of a moving meditation.

True, my husband, who has now sworn never to wear any other footwear on his very attractive feet, was the recipient of an unfortunate insult, accusing him of crafting his own footwear. Well, we wish WE had thought of these!

Fashion aside, Bedrock Sandals are the ultimate option in minimalist footwear. I’ve hiked, walked, jogged and even done sprint repeats in these barefoot babies and for me – the benefits have outweighed any stylistic statement. The shoes stay put, offering ample protection from the elements and abundant freedom from the claustrophobic constraints of closed toe shoes and engineered arches. Plus, I can really feel where I’m making contact during my foot strike, key for efficiency, safety and injury prevention.

Bedrocks aren’t my first foray into the "zero drop" world, but they are my by far my favorite. Zero drop refers to the difference in height between the heel and the ball of the foot – which in most modern, western footwear is somewhere in the positive or negative with the heel higher or lower than the ball.

Why choose zero drop or minimalist or barefoot? Chances are that if you’ve worn any traditional shoe with some sort of a heel (visible or not,) you have probably experienced a degree of the back and foot pain that results from an unnatural rise of the heel above the ball of the foot. There are shoes that reverse this, lowering the heel beneath the ball and claim to assist in relieving pain, but zero drop offers the barefoot solution of allowing your feet to reside in their most organic position, letting the heel and foot rest on virtually equal ground as they do naturally when you are shoeless.

I’ve shared before that my feet are crunk, with hereditary arthritis and painful bunions that have sentenced me to sensible footwear, but Bedrocks seem to be doing more for me than just indulging a current athletic footwear trend.

The new awareness about stride and footstrike they’ve created through the tangible connection to the surface beneath me is having innumerable benefits. I am experiencing pain relief, newfound strength and flexibility in the muscles and connective tissue in my toes, arches and ankles – well, really the whole ankle to foot area. And dare I say – my bunions look a little less severe? It’s like they have the freedom to become unbound, to release into their naked toe glory. My hope is that they will self-correct over time, or at least not get worse if I continue to work my feet sans shoes, or in as little shoe as possible.

Skeptical? Each pair of Bedrocks is covered by a lifetime warranty and there is even an option to have a custom made sole if the stock sizes don’t suit your feet. I initially had trouble finding the right size for my misshapen stumps, but Bedrock customer service was generous and patient, exchanging my pair twice before I settled on the perfect size, each time providing me with complimentary return and delivery shipping! Impressive for this Kickstarter-bred company based in Oakland, Calif. They even donate a portion of sales annually to environmental causes through 1 percent for the Planet.

There are certainly other brands with similar designs, but after much research, I am so happy I chose these guys!

(Note: I purchased both pairs of these sandals – they were not gifted to us. Also, when transitioning to any barefoot/minimal footwear be sure to do a sensible build, as the body needs to acclimate and build strength to acclimate and accommodate the "zero drop" of the heel and lack of support and cushioning.)

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