By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Dec 15, 2010 at 1:05 PM

Brothers B.J. And Michael Seidel like beer ... a lot.

And to prove it they each plan on trying a different beer every day for all of 2011 and blogging about it on their Web site There's A Year in My Beer.

While the Web site's name was inspired by the Hank Williams classic "There's A Tear In My Beer," the idea springs from the brothers' unrivaled love of craft beer.

"The whole craft beer culture kind of reminds me of what I loved about indie rock when I discovered it back in the '90s," says Michael.

"You'd hear about some mythic record. Eventually you'd find it and could experience it for yourself. For music, I think the Internet has cheapened that to a large degree. It's easy to get music. With beer though, you can never digitize it. You need to search, beg and plead to get a hold of that revered thing."

With both brothers experiencing fatherhood for the first time, the Seidels say their beer project will also give them something to talk about besides changing diapers.

"Obviously we are going to be talking about our kids, so it's like another thing for us to talk about. It's the triple-B's: babies, brothers and beer," B.J. said.

B.J., who fronts indie rock outfit Decibully and owns the Bay View bar Burnhearts, says trying a different beer every day was also a simple way to start learning about the vast and growing craft beer industry.

"That's the hardest part when you are trying to learn something about a thing that is that massive and open with so many things going on. It's just kind of cool to say 'Forget about everything else. We are just going to start on this day and learn everything we can about it in a year'," says B.J., "You have to start somewhere."

While many beer websites have taken on the haughty tone of wine tasters in analyzing their brews, the Seidels says they will take a no-nonsense approach to reviewing their daily beers.

"We just decided to dedicate this year to learning more about beer and trying as many different kinds as we can and writing about it and not keeping super crazy listings or hyper reviews or anything just short little reviews," B.J. says.

The brothers have already started searching out hard to find brews in advance of the Jan. 1 kickoff; from e-mailing breweries across the world and asking their friends and family to track down beer while they travel, to taking brewery road trips to stockpile unique varieties.

"Our parents are super excited about it, which is hilarious to me," says Michael, "My mom was our first Twitter follower and our dad travels and is offering to get us beer."

The brothers have posted their mailing address on the Web site and said they will try anything, including home brews, as long as it steers clear of the macro-breweries.

"We are trying to pick up things you can't get. Because we don't want to be like 'Today I had a Pabst. Today I had a High Life.' We want to keep it crafty and focus on the art aspect of that," B.J. says.

While the brothers are giving themselves an out-clause in case of illness, they say they are otherwise confident they will be able to keep up with their plan.

"Although I think by the end of the year I will probably just want a vodka soda or something," B.J. says.