By Lori Fredrich Senior Writer Published Jul 20, 2015 at 11:08 AM

"I solemnly swear to proudly represent
the Agave Congress by having a good
time, drinking tasty tequila, and
maybe sharing it with my friends (if
they’re lucky). From Taco Tuesday
to Sunday Brunch, I will defend
the honorable rights of the Agave
Congress, which include life, liberty,
and the pursuit of another margarita."

It’s a solemn oath you swear when you become a member of the Agave Congress – a special members only bottle club – at Bel Air Cantina. The $100 investment comes with great perks, including invitations to special members-only events and your very own personal bottle of Herradura Double Barrel Reposado tequila. This special spirit from Tequila, Mexico is aged for 11 months in an old whiskey barrel, and then switched to a brand new oak barrel for one more month, imparting a unique, sophisticated flavor.

Best part is, your tequila lives at Bel Air Cantina, and you can use it however you’d like whenever you visit – at no extra charge.  

Here are five of the best ways to make use of your bottle:

  1. Order a margarita… or two. This tequila shines when paired with citrus. So, there's no better way to enjoy this one of-a-kind tequila than with a splash of lime, Cointreau, simple syrup and a hearty shake. Get yours served on the rocks or straight up (strained).
  2. Sip it neat. This barrel is particularly smooth and sweet. Great for people who don’t normally do neat pours.  You’ll find hints of buttered popcorn and pepper, followed by a bit of oak, lots of caramel and smooth vanilla notes.
  3. Try a Paloma.  This popular drink is made with tequila, your choice of Fresca or grapefruit Jarritos, lime and a dash of salt. It’s big on flavor, but low on the calories.
  4. Take it on the rocks. You can never go wrong with a rocks pour of Herradura. It’s simple really:  you’re drinking and hydrating at the same time… if you drink it slow enough, that is.
  5. Grab a mule. Why bother with a Moscow Mule when you can have a Mexican Mule? It’s a delicious twist on the classic, made with tequila, house-made ginger liqueur, ginger beer and lime.

Thirsty yet?

Here’s how to become part of the Agave Congress.

First, you have to fill out the application form. Then, bring the form to your favorite Bel Air Cantina location, along with payment of $100.  You’ll be given a numbered bottle of tequila, which will live at Bel Air, along with a membership card. Next time you’re in, your tequila is free!

Is there a catch?

I suppose there is. You do need to use up your bottle of tequila within a year of the date of purchase. But, once you institute "Tequila Tuesdays" with a group of your closest friends, that bottle is going to be gone in no time.

How do I know someone isn’t drinking my tequila while I'm not at the restaurant?

When you come in to drink your tequila, the bartender will mark the fill line on the bottle and you’ll initial it, ensuring no one is able to secretly swill your tequila.

If you have other questions about the Congress, drop Bel Air Cantina a line at

Lori Fredrich Senior Writer

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