By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Mar 24, 2017 at 2:20 PM

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In Milwaukee, before a bachelor becomes a husband, apparently, he must first be a gentleman. For the sixth year in a row, Silk Exotic was voted by readers as the best bar for a bachelor party / boys' night out.

In 2017, Landmark Lanes made it a close race, but once again Silk, which calls itself "the Midwest's only true Las Vegas-Style Gentlemen's Club," took the title. With nearly 200 women on staff, visiting celebrity clientele and a full alcohol bar, Silk can't be touched in this category. OnMilwaukee staff editors agreed.

OnMilwaukee editors' pick: Silk Exotic

2. Landmark Lanes
3. Jo-Cat's Pub
4. Safe House
5. Leff's Lucky Town

This year we also asked a variety of prominent Milwaukeeans to weigh in on their pick for specific categories. For this category, we consulted Brandon Tschacher, a local entrepreneur, healthcare marketing professional and co-founder of the sports technology start-up MyCombine. 

Tschacher's pick: Camp Bar Third Ward

For me, it’s Camp Bar Third Ward. Why? Mainly atmosphere. I really enjoy places that take time to invest in their facility (TVs, two bars, the Northwoods items) and don't charge Chicago drink prices.
On any given night, you can generally find a good crowd – some dressed up, others dressed down and just a great atmosphere. At this point, that to me makes a great place to head to with the gents.