By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Feb 09, 2010 at 5:19 AM

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As the song goes, girls just wanna have fun. So when a group of them gets together for an exciting night out on the town, the last thing they want is a sleepy corner tavern.

When women gather in groups for an evening of cocktails, laughter and adventure, they want a place that can handle their spirited attitudes.

The list of choices was lengthy, but Milwaukee's female population chimed in to elect Lucille's Rockin' Pianos as its favorite ladies' night locale.

Many women love to sing and dance (especially in public) and with two Yamaha grand pianos pounding out rock tunes, you can really getgroovin' at Lucille's. It's probably the only place on Milwaukee where you'll experience dueling pianos like this.

"It's totally different from any other place you have around here. There's a lot of DJ bars in Milwaukee and a lot of small stop bars," entertainment director Peter Hernet says.

"This is one place you're going to get a different show every night depending on what you want to hear. It's a live show. It's unpredictable, you come in and don't know what's going to happen. There's a fresh scene, where there's the same thing at a lot of bars, and you're being entertained." editors' choice: Cuvee

Runners up:
2. Jo-Cats
3. Hi-Hat Lounge
4. Leff's Lucky Town
5. Lulu
6. Buckhead Saloon
7. Centanni
8. Cuvee
9. Milwaukee Ale House
10. Victor's
11. Kenadee's
12. The Mad Planet
13. Elsa's
14. Taylor's
15. Walker's Pint
16. MOCT
17. McGillicudy's
18. Jo Jo's
19. Steny's
20. Club Paragon
21. Yesteryears
21. Riptide