By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Oct 28, 2016 at 1:15 PM Photography: Molly Snyder

For the 10th straight year, October is Dining Month on OnMilwaukee, presented by the restaurants of Potawatomi Hotel & Casino. All month, we're stuffed with restaurant reviews, dining guides, delectable features, chef profiles and unique articles on everything food, as well as voting for your "Best of Dining 2016."

Pizza Man

For several years, the domain of Milwaukee's best pizza was dominated by the East Side staple Zaffiro's. Last year, however, found the voters rebelling against their regular choice, mixing it up with a surprise Transfer Pizza upset. And now 2016 brings us another new winner: Pizza Man, which narrowly beat out Zaffiro's for the crown. 

Pizza Man may be new to winning best pizza, but it's no stranger to winning in our best of poll – as the restaurant also snagged the title of Milwaukee's best wine list this year – or winning over hearts in the city with its extensive wine menu, tasty pastas and, of course, its one of a kind pizzas, featuring tantalizing topping combinations like the meatball, the Capricciosa, the lamb sausage or the Avantgardener. 

And with locations on both the East and West Side, as well as a soon to be new location coming in Oak Creek, it's never been easier to snag yourself a scrumptious slice – or eight.

Runners up:
2. Zaffiro's
3. Transfer Cafe
4. Balistreri's
5. Calderone Club

Lori Fredrich's pick: Wy'East Pizza

My vote this year goes solidly to Wy’East Pizza, a newcomer who has won me over with its delicious slow-fermented crust. It’s crisp on the exterior and chewy on the interior and topped with great, fresh ingredients in inventive combinations. I love the Hot Marmot, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the pizzas, particularly the seasonal specials.

This year we also asked a variety of prominent Milwaukeeans to weigh in on their pick for specific categories. For this category, we consulted Mitch Nelles, sports radio host at The Big 920.

Nelles' pick: Pizza Shuttle

I’m not convinced there is great pizza in Milwaukee. There is a lot of very good pizza, but maybe it’s like bagels; you just can’t make great pizza in Milwaukee. Maybe our water isn’t quite right for great pizza? I’ve been told Racine pizza is better than Milwaukee, which may be true, but I am not sure.

Regardless, I love pizza, and I like trying a number of different places (bear in mind, I live in Whitefish Bay and spend a good amount of time Downtown, so I may not have the south and west pizza expertise that I’d like).

For the family, I enjoy Roman Candle in Whitefish Bay, because they have a rocket ship for the kids to play in. I like Lisa’s on Oakland – and I believe it’s a favorite of many of my neighbors as well. Zaffiro’s on the East Side – not in the Marcus Theaters – is always great, and the ambiance cannot be beat. Pizza Man – the original on North Avenue – was my favorite, and I like the new one on Downer, but it’s not quite the same. And of course, the slice spots are good, especially when my kids can get mac 'n' cheese pizza (looking at you, Ian’s).

But, I LOVE ooey gooey cheesy pizza. And my favorite ooey gooey cheesy pizza is Pizza Shuttle. I know, I know; it’s never on a best of Milwaukee list. And I am OK with that. I just love their cheese pizza. It’s so ooey and gooey!