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A new Brewers season is upon us with plenty new coming up to the plate – new manager, new players, new food, new gigantic scoreboard, new reasons to hate the Cubs. But perhaps the most notable new aspect of the 2024 season will greet fans before they even enter AmFam Field: a revamped parking procedure.

To help make sure you don't pull a vintage Tony LaRussa and throw an embarrassing hissy fit, here's how to handle AmFam Field's new parking process this season and get into the latest Brewers game without making an error. 

How do I park at American Family Field? 

Parking QR codeX

The changes to the parking procedure at American Family Field will be pretty apparent as soon as you drive up to the stadium, as there will no longer be lines upon lines of cars waiting to give money to parking attendants at the start of the process. There will still be parking ambassadors throughout the entrances and lots to help guide fans to the right lot and to the right parking spot – but instead of paying right away at the gates, you'll pay (or activate your pre-paid pass) after parking.

So, after you've followed the parking attendants' guidance and landed in your spot, the next step is to scan one of the many QR codes newly posted up on just about every light pole throughout the AmFam Field lots. These codes have become a regular fixture in life, especially since the pandemic, at restaurants, bars and beyond – and now they're a part of the Brewers parking process. 

For those who already purchased a pre-paid parking pass before entering the lot, you'll scan the closest QR code, head to the link and click the "Activate Prepaid Digital Pass" button. There, you'll punch in your license plate number, hit activate and your car's all good – time for tailgating or heading into the game! If you have a printed pre-paid parking pass, you'll also scan the nearest QR code, then follow the link and hit the "Activate Printed Ticket" button. There, you'll put in your license plate number, mobile number (for a text confirmation) and the last eight digits of the barcode number, then hit activate to confirm your parking pass. 

But what if you haven't bought a parking pass already and you're planning on buying day-of at the game? You guessed it: Scan the QR code. After you follow the attendants' directions to your parking spot, you'll scan a nearby QR code and click the "Purchase Parking" button at the ensuing link. From there, you'll put in your license plate number and phone number for a text confirmation, then put in your payment info (the system accepts Apple Pay and credit card info) to officially purchase parking. Do all that, and you're all activated and set; you've got nothing to worry about, like the Brewers when Devin Williams is on the mound. 

One more reminder: Even if you're arriving already with a pre-paid pass, make sure to scan the QR code and activate it. If you fail to purchase parking and/or activate your pass before 30 minutes after the game's first pitch, you're at risk of receiving a parking ticket, as the stadium is utilizing license plate recognition technology to help keep track of who's paid and who's stolen a base. 

Still need help? The Brewers will have a full fleet of parking ambassadors roving the lots at each game – especially these early home series – to answer any questions or navigate fans through the new process. You can also head over to the Brewers' website for any further questions or info.

What if I don't have a smartphone? 

Parking kiosk at AmFam FieldX

If you don't have a smartphone – or if you just want to avoid paying with card or avoid the whole QR-code scanning situation – you can still park at American Family Field. Just follow the parking ambassadors into your spot and pay at one of the on-site parking pay station kiosks found at four spots around the ballpark: in left field near the walkway by the Tailgate Haus, by the third base gate, by the home plate gate, and on the walkway between Helfaer Field and the Braves 1 lot. At the kiosk, you'll pay for your parking as well as plug in your license plate number as to not incite the wrath of the parking attendants – aka receive a parking ticket with a fee. 

Again, for more information and help on navigating the new parking process, check out the Brewers website or seek out one of the many parking ambassadors found around the AmFam Field lots, aiding fellow fans. 

What about tailgating? 

Parking sign at AmFam FieldX

As for what you do in the AmFam Field parking lots when you get all squared away? No changes there! Once again, the lots will typically open three hours before first pitch, and fans will have to call time on their tailgate and enter the ballpark 30 minutes after the game inside begins. For more tailgate rules and info – beyond "Cubs fans should be banned" – check out the Brewers website

For further help on parking, tickets and more this season, click here. And for all you need to know around the 2024 Brewers – from shuttling to the games, to bars around the ballpark, the season's giveaways and theme nights, and even what it's like being a racing sausage – stay tuned to OnMilwaukee. 

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