By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Jun 17, 2022 at 8:06 AM

The Brewers may have lost last night (and a lot in general, lately), but here's a W: The team revealed their long-awaited, much-anticipated City Connect collection alternate jersey on Friday morning. 

The new alternate uniforms lean heavy on the powder blue, featuring "Brew Crew" on the front in yellow block cursive font and yellow and white trim on the sleeves and collar. There's also a little new bonus logo on the sleeve: a grill designed like a baseball with an M as the stand, a tribute to Milwaukee's one-of-a-kind sports tailgating culture. The powder blue hat completes the look with an MKE logo, the block letters linked together and connected with a discreet "414" in the middle. 

Brewers alt jerseyX

The look is the latest addition to MLB and Nike's City Connect collection, developing new alternate uniforms for each team that showcase some unique connection to the squad's city, similar to the NBA's City Edition jerseys. In its second year, the City Connect collection has introduced new looks for the Washington Nationals, Houston Astros, Kansas City Royals, Colorado Rockies and Los Angeles Angels – and now we can officially add the Brewers to that fashionable list as well. (The San Diego Padres are on deck to get the final new City Connect alternate look of the season.)

So how's the look? I wouldn't say it's a no-doubter home run but it's definitely at least a double, maybe even a triple.

The uniform design as a whole looks surprisingly simple (maybe just a little more piping on the sleeves to make it pop just a tad more?), but the logos and details all look really cool and come together nicely. The Brew Crew wording looks great, the MKE logo on the hat is just on the right side of busy, and I bet that grill symbol on the sleeve is gonna be a fan favorite. In general, it's not the most eye-catching of the new City Connect slate, but it's a strong and clean look that says "Milwaukee" and "Brewers" without getting over-the-top corny or blandly boring.

They'll probably look even better in action – speaking of which, the new Brewers alternate uniform will make its diamond debut next week on Friday, June 24, at home against the Toronto Blue Jays. According to ESPN, the new alt uniforms will then be worn throughout that weekend series against Toronto, along with every Friday home game and on community nights for the rest of the season.

And as for when fans can get their mitts on them? After closing over the last few days to stock up, the Brewers team store at American Family Field will reopen this morning at 9 a.m. with the new City Connect gear on display and available. The team store will be the only Wisconsin location with the collection until June 24 – though the City Connect uniforms, hats and more are also available online at the Brewers online shop.

So we finally got our new alternate look – now it's time to score some runs and snag some Ws in them. Go Brewers!

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