By Matt Mueller Culture Editor Published Apr 03, 2017 at 12:56 PM

Baseball is back, and for Brewers fans, that also means a chance to bring home a bag of tasty burgers for an even tastier price.

Once again, George Webb is bringing back its 5 for $5 burger deal, meaning that every time the Brewers score five runs in a game – whether it's home or away – all George Webb locations will offer five burgers for $5 the following day. The Brewers lose the game? Doesn't matter; the burgers are still $5.

That's not the only way Brew Crew burger cravings can be satisfied, as George Webb is also bringing back its yearly prediction that the Brewers will win 12 games in a row this season – and if they do, the restaurant chain will serve up free burgers to fans. This year actually marks the 30th anniversary of the last time the prediction came true, when the Brew Crew went on a 13-game winning streak in 1987 and almost 170,000 free hamburgers were dished out. So perhaps fate is on our side this season!

"As long-time supporters and life-long fans of the Milwaukee Brewers, Opening Day is always exciting for us at George Webb," said Ryan Stamm, vice president of George Webb Restaurants, in a press release. "Burgers and the Brew Crew go together like a ball in a glove, and we look forward to cheering the Brewers on to 12 straight wins in 2017."

Of course, expectations are low for the Brewers this year, with another year of rebuilding (aka losing with purpose) expected and another year of looking at the starting lineup going, "Who the heck is Jett Bandy?" Then again, we're living in a post-Cubs World Series universe, so anything is possible!

Matt Mueller Culture Editor

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