By Danielle Hopkins, Special to OnMilwaukee   Published Jan 28, 2018 at 3:01 PM

Whether your wedding is right around the corner, or down the road, The Cornershas just what you need to make your day extra special!

Now that you are forever in love, prepare for your forever entrance. That perfect dress and flawless hair, however, are just the start to a stunning entrance. But in order for your makeup to be blushing, your canvas needs to be prepped for perfection. Here is an easy 12-month skin guide to be the blushing bride you dream to be.

12-6 months

Skin consultation

If you haven’t had a proper skin consultation from an aesthetician, now is the time. Starting with a skin consultation will ensure you are using the right products at home as well as give you an opportunity to get your first few appointments booked.

Monthly rotating classic and treatment facials

For the first six months, simply getting on a consistent regimen of hydration and exfoliation is important. Starting with a classic facial and treatment add-on will give you added exfoliation to promote your homecare products to work at their best.

6-3 months

Monthly rotating treatment facials

Now that your skin is getting used to the new products and routine, it is time to increase intensity a bit and exfoliate a little more often. Over exfoliation, however, can happen so be cautious and consult with your aesthetician. To avoid over exfoliation, rotate two months (back-to-back) treatment facials then in your third month go back to a classic facial with a treatment add-on.

3-1 months

Increase frequency and continue to rotate treatment facials

Three months before the big day is really the "home stretch." Being diligent and disciplined will be key to success at this point. It is suggested to do services every two to three weeks about eight weeks from the date. You still should be careful not to over do it so stick to the 2:1 ratio discussed above.

Introduce back facials and body treatments

This is also the point where you might want to think about your back and body. Depending on your dresses’ "skin exposure," back facials and body treatments are important. Back facials ensure that your back is just as blushing as your face. Body treatments help with detoxing the body (excess water weight and minimizing cellulite) and promoting the skin’s radiance.

4-2 weeks

Increase frequency and decrease intensity

Treatment room services should decrease in intensity at four weeks to the date. This will limit the chances of reactions and irritation. Weekly appointments are key but your homecare is going to be more important now than ever. Treatment room service should focus on hydration and most of the exfoliation you are doing should be mild and part of your homecare. Discontinuing services two weeks before the big day is usually suggested but can vary with skin concerns and conditions. For example: If you are bride with acne concerns, a facial one week prior for extractions might be warranted.

We understand how overwhelming being the perfect blushing bride can be. To make it easier, we created an appointment chart for you. Simply click, download and make your first appointment to get started. After all, we are here to help a women be the best version of her on her wedding day!